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      I found this over at

      €350m plan for Shannon Estuary

      A €350 million plan to develop the Shannon Estuary into a world shipping hub rivaling that of Rotterdam was unveiled this week.

      The plan by Shannon Foynes port company includes a €54 million plan over the next five years to develop 250 acres at Limerick docks.

      The plan was launched by Kieran MacSweeney, chairman of Shannon Foynes port company and chief executive, Brian Byrne.

      Key elements include:Hotel, residential and commercial developments on 250 acres at Limerick docks.Construction of a new docks area at its centre on 44 acres. Additional shipping, industrial and commercial facilities along the Shannon Estuary.

      Proposal to develop a global container trans-shipment terminal at the western tip of the estuary, near Ballylongford.

      Development of new jetty extension, warehousing, container storage yards and installation of modern cargo handling equipment at Foynes with an estimated cost of €30 million.

      Opening of a new container line service between the Shannon estuary and Rotterdam later this year. Mr Byrne explained the development.

      “We have already been working with port users and key stakeholders in the area, and we have completed detailed market research.

      “We have secured a very strong level of approval from interests across the region, and we know the new business is there for the taking.”

      The biggest element of the plan is the development of a global trans-shipping port near Ballylongford for €250 million.

      “We are approaching major intrernational industry players to co-partner with the port company on this,” Mr Byrne said.

      “Not only will this be a highly efficient, world-class logistics operation, the business will also bring a signifigant and very welcome jobs boost.”

      The plan also provides for a major overhaul and upgrade of the Shannon airport oil ferry.

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      I always felt that the Shannon Estuary is a major resource that we are not using to our full advantage. I would love to see the region becoming a major gateway for Europe. This development could be as significant as the IFSC when it started in the late 80s.
      I suppose nobody has any idea how much this could be worth to the Irish economy if it grew to the size of Rotterdam.

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      Paul Clerkin

      And how do we get the freight out of there?
      Shannon isnt linked to the rest of Europe by rail?

      So which makes more sense in an environmental and financial sense….
      5 million containers come to shannon, 4.8 million containers leave shannon and go to europe on a boat before being dispersed all over europe by rail and road, as we only need 200,000


      5 million containers come to rotterdamn, get dispersed all over europe by rail and road, and 200,000 get put back on a boat for ireland….

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      You’re right, Paul.

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      isn’t there stuff that gets dropped by one ship in rotterdam and then picked up by another one, ie rotterdam is where it gets moved from a long-distance cargo ship to a short-distance one or visa versa, i mean i don’t know i’m asking.

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      I think you are missing the point Paul.
      Rotterdam is a transhippment port and this is what is proposed for the Shannon also. This means the biggest bulk carriers cross the Atlantic and arrive at Shannon or where ever. The contents are off loaded and put into smaller units e.g. containers. These then are shipped or transported elsewhere.
      I would not imagine that much of Rotterdams cargo would be going by train anyway. The most of it is going by smaller container ships to ports allover Europe.

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