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      Eighteen Turns, designed by Daniel Libeskind, Architect with Arup. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2001
      on loan from cite
      tickets: FREE
      Project Managent: Keogan Architects

      Spring – Autumn 2005

      In 2001, the Serpentine Gallery, London, commissioned Eighteen Turns as part of its commitment to showcasing contemporary architecture. Now generously loaned to Cork 2005 by its owner, cite, and facilitated by John Keogan of Keogan Architects, this beautiful pavilion is placed in the midst of our own architectural anthologies as a visionary focus, a locus around which we may be inspired about our own urban design. Daniel Libeskind is a leading international figure in the world of architectural practice and urban design. He has designed a number of cultural institutions including the Jewish Museum, Berlin and the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. His award-winning designs for Ground Zero, New York, are internationally acclaimed. Libeskind’s ideas have influenced a new generation of architects and those interested in the future development of cities and culture. He argues that ‘architecture is a communicative art … and an architecture that is strong yet open, precise yet subtle, serious yet fun, is a contribution to public discourse’.

      Eighteen Turns is a magnificent structure. As it twists and weaves, it captures the magic and mystery of architecture. Placed in the parkland setting of Fitzgerald Park, the Pavilion will host a number of cultural activities during Cork 2005. The pavilion embodies both the past and the future, for the word ‘pavilion’ reminds us of the Great Cork Exhibitions of 1902 and 1903, while the angles, curves and polished surfaces of Eighteen Turns inspire us to think and design with a new boldness.

      To coincide with the loan of the Pavilion, Daniel Libeskind will present a lecture in Cork during 2005.


      went to see this in hyde park last year only to find it had just been ripped down. it is due to be erected in march in fota, and i for one will be queueing at the door.

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      How long will it run for? It looks very interesting and not something that could be taken down without a lot of work. I think this one definitely looks like a good opportunity for a weekend down South.

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      update: i’ve learned it’s to be erected in fitzgeralds park instead. only information so far is that it will be up “spring to autumn”, i’ll post any more news as i get it.

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      anyone know if this has been erected in fitzgeralds park yet? the lecture is scheduled for may 5th at 6pm in the opera house. entry is free but ticketed, tickets available from the opera house box office from tomorrow onwards (021 427 0022 )

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      hi, i’m an architecture student down in country side of australia.
      i’ve been assigned to study libeskind’s 18 turns and my library catalogue doesn’t seem to have any books on this building…
      i tried all over the net and i can’t seem to find any drawings of it (plan, section, elevation)…
      i don’t know how on earth i’m going to find more about in detail, anyone know where i could get some informations? T_T

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      Interesting article today on Liebeskind today, related to his Cork2005 lecture and Grand Canal plans, in today’s Sunday Tribune Property Supplement.

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      The big nights tonight! ive got my ticket! hehe. Should be really interesting.

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      I think it looks fabulous. Good idea to have it in Fota, nice setting.

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