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      DARA H

      Has anybody noticed that Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council wants to make a variation to their Development Plan in relation to the Carlisle pier (i presume the pier that the Daniel Libeskind building was proposed for).
      The variation would mean a couple of new paragraphs in the plan which would say that a very notable signature building of National/ international (?) note is needed for the location.
      It also stated, that different uses maybe required to fill it – that were not included previously in the areas ‘permitted’ uses list for the zoning. The supporting document essentially said that a highly designed and notable building was needed in the location.

      However, no mention was made of Libeskind as far as i could see. THe public still has a coulple of weeks i think to make subbmissions – maybe they (the Council) could do with some positive comments as i’m sure some people will complain. I’m taking it that the variation is to pave the way for a Liebskind type development?

      On a similar strand, i’ve noticed that interestingly enough some of the recent developments in the Dun Laoghaire harbour area have been relatively or very modern looking even though alot of the significant architecture is georgian/ regency and victorian in style. For example, i think (?!) it was McCullogh Mulvin architects who did the very successful – i think – modern extension onto the Victorian County council, town hall building, the newish ferry port is quite modern compared with the two old yaught clubs in close proximity with their georgian/regency architecture – the tensile material roof on the train station extension is another contemporary vs. old architecture example as is the ‘Pavillion Centre’ opposite the town hall.
      Maybe i haven’t got all the architecutural terminology right but i think people know what i mean – the council seems happy enough with modern stuff when it could have very well gone with the ‘fitting in/ pastiche’ route.
      What do people think of the Libeskind/ ultra modern route for the pier????

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      That concerns me, but if the Liebskind plan has been ditched, I’m not surprised. I can see Dun Laoghaire residents opposing the plans because they’d be too “far out”.

      A Liebskind is exactly what this country needs.

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