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      sw101 this is your neck of the woods I think. Have you seen McCullough Mulvin’s new library addition in Waterford?

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      The McCullough mulvin website has some photographs

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      It’s in this month’s Architectural Review LOB and I’m wondering , frankly if the photgraphs do it justice?

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      i’m in cork really, but i’m heading up that way next weekend, i’ll try and squeeze it in.

      it looks great in elevation (judging from the model), the proportions complimenting the building next door, but some of those shots make it look terribly blocky and imposing. Needs the justice of a decent photographer or a viewing in the flesh methinks

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      Going by the photos, this looks like the stand alone monumental mass concrete modern stuff they did in the 60’s but tailored today to serve as infill.
      Got their influence from the new National Gallery Extension in Dublin no doubt.
      I wonder what trendy colour they’ll paint it: Roches Stores minimalist white, Project art centre blue, Earthy Terra Cotta, Insipid Lime Green, Magnolia etc or maybe they’ll pebble dash it!
      Look at that messy roofline too.

      Why do they ever keep the facades after butchering the equally important interiors….ie the classical building beside it. Would be best to demolish the whole lot at the start. It’s all cosy anachronistic lies and will be viewed as that in the future!

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      I would’nt myself go that far Greg.

      It just all looks a bit grey and impersonal to me. Which is a surprise because I am an admirer of the architects.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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