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      DCC issued a decision on Lansdowne Road yesterday – a request for further information. Details not on the web yet.

      I understand that the Members of the south East Area Committee of DCC have passed a motion to include all of the houses from 4 to 70 Shelbourne Road on the register of Protected Structures – even though the Development Plan is scarcely a year old and none of the houses were considered worthy at the time of its making.

      By an entirely unrelated coincidence the construction of the new stadium requires the demolition of No. 70 Shelbourne Road (in the ownership of IRFU) to provide safe access up to modern code.

      The motion was proposed by Councillor Dermot Lacy – who is in favour of the Stadium (provided it isn’t built).

      I apologise for stating in another thread (Henrietta Street) that our politicians are culturally illiterate – Councillor Lacy is clearly an exception.::D

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