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      Hi Folks,

      Anyone got any pics or updates on the Knocknaheeny (located in Cork) Regeneration Plan Layouts?


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      Anyone have info on this?

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      Well, a quick web search led me to a thread on another discussion board, which recommended contacting Archiseek.

      And a Google Image search led me to a picture of a house in Crumlin, taken from another thread on Archiseek, where PTB bemoaned the ‘Luminous orange ground to gutter’ of a house in Knocknahenny.

      (The sound you can hear in the background is the internet tucking its napkin into its shirt collar.)

      But to answer your question, there seems to be very little around. I presume you’ve tried the Council?

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      Yes, there seems to be nothing online although i did find he following link from Wain Morehead Architects which has very brief associated information and layouts of the Regeneration plan

      The council are saying nothing

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      The Council are sick to the teeth with this masterplan, almost every resident in the area cribbed and cried every step of the way looking for “compo”
      For the dust nuisance they got 500 euro worth of vouchers, many got paid for the nuisance of the Council building a new wall outside their (mainly council owned) houses.
      Many who were seeking transfers for years were moved to brand new houses nearby and paid 5,500 euro disturbance money for their troubles.
      There are two “community” centers across the road from each other with highly paid staff with nothing to do. The library is closed due to rat infestation.
      The local school has a more secure outer zone than any Green Zone in Iraq.
      Now some councillors from the area are proposing yet another “town centre” on part of the Orthopedic Hospital site.
      I’m no fan of Joe Gavin but I wouldn’t blame him if he washed his hands of this project.
      This is a 100 million white elephant, no wonder you won’t find much fanfare on the subject.

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      Well to be honest, my folks who live there are fed up with this masterplan.

      They have been now told that their house which they have lived in for over 30 years will now be demolished to suit this generation plan within the next two years.

      I’m trying to find out as much information as possible.

      To be fair Kite, i’d imagine you would not be too grateful or nice also if builders were working outside your doorstep for 12months to two years at a time.

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      True and many that live in, and love “Knocka” are ashamed that some are holding the area to ransom.
      Those that are out working haven’t got the time to worry about the Council paying for their next pint, others…..well!!

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      I agree Kite but both my folks have been working all their lives and still are and now i think it is unreally unfair that their home is going to be demolished and if they wish to obtain another nice home, they now have to start a new mortgage when they should at this stage be getting ready for retirement and not be paying any more mortgage bills

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      I agree with you 100%. People like your parents who contributed to the city and Country all their lives are an easy target for a blinkered local authority who only see and help those that shout loudest and are constantly looking for handouts.
      Unfortunately it is the good people that suffer in situations like this.
      I wish your folks the very best of luck.
      There is one councillor working day and night, 365 days a year in the area, your parents will know who i am referring to, :cool:He plants himself in city hall and refuses to leave until he gets an issue sorted;give him a call.

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