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      I quickly passed some of the work to widen the footpaths on Pearse St. a week or so ago and noticed that the granite kerbstones from the original path were gone or buried under the new concrete path.

      From what I saw (admittedly briefly and in passing), the new footpath looked like those ugly concrete “poured into shuttering” footpaths you see around many apartment blocks and in suburban housing estates which are presumably constructed as cheaply as possible by the builders to meet some planning condition.

      First of all, I don’t understand why the path is being widened; the existing path was more than adequate for the footfall along there and there are far more pressing and dangerously narrow footpaths around town.

      Secondly, if what I saw was the final condition of the path, I thought we’d gotten beyond this cheap and nasty approach to urban infrastructure. If you’re going to spend money on upgrading facilities on a street, the new work sould at least be an improvement over what exists.

      Maybe it’s a work in progress or my impressions of the new path are mistaken?

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      Is it related to the work that will take place on Trinity’s buildings? You know the way hoardings often take up alot of the footpath and therefore it needs to be made wider for a while. Or does it look more permanent?

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      It is temporary – as jimg says of the poured into wooden frame type, I watched them make it 🙂 Actually well finished for a temporary pavement. Looks like it may be there for a couple of years as work progresses with Trinity.
      Not sure what’s happening to the footpath here in the long term though…

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      speakin’ of cheap and nasty groung finishes the new favorite ground finish seems to be red tarmac embossed with a pattern to make it look like sets. they’ve just done the whole of upper liffey st in it (off henry st. opposite arnotts) 🙁

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      thats black tarmac ya big thicko….

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      Liffey St: Actually I thought this was quite a nifty solution although I would much prefer to see a proper paving and pedestrianisation scheme put in place to link in with Henry Street. Its looks much better than the lumpy mess that existed here up to a few weeks ago.

      As for Pearse St: Agree with Graham and also observed the lifting of the original paving whihc seemed to have been done with restoration in mind. A repaving scheme for Pearse St was put on show last year at CC as part of the planned QBC along here. Im not sure what type of materials are planned. My guess is concrete slabs and graite kerbs as exisit at present…they look quite sufficient. Some repaving of the Street from Grand Canal Dock down to Ringsend was recently completed. Depressingly it is pour concrete (which is grand until it needs to be dug up) and not a new tree in sight….

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      Yes – I thought the new Liffey St surface was quite nifty too, only though because it appears to be semi-permanent; it seems to have been directly poured onto the existing concrete surface. The herringbone pattern is rather a twee UK high street design and the hump is kind of strange – I’d remind you of one of Telford’s early roads combined with the drainage channel either side 🙂
      Maybe it was just laid until the ILAC is finished – tart the place up a bit without spending a fortune on something that may be damaged…

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