Influence of Krier, IBA, Rowe and Rossi on Group 91/Temple Bar?

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      any insight, info on above topic would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      Kristian Sullivan

      Over preoccupation with meaningless formalisms and ‘Cornflakes box’ Architecture.

      Apologies for not being much help.

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      Over preoccupation with form…

      check out aldo rossi for his ideas – – form is everything to architecture – as function changes and form remains – the effect is still constant.
      This means you can have all the fun you like with shapes – just for their own sake.

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      i would say the influence lies more in the approach of integrating architecture into the existing urban fabric(eg the IFC) rather than blasting holes in the city and filling them with self-referential modern monuments with no urban scale (60’s, 70,s 80’s Dublin).
      I think stylistic and formal similarities are not that strong, as most of group 91 had gotten over their triangles and squares phase by then.
      i thik there was a book on aldo rossi, possibly published by the aai, which had a foreword b yjohn tuomey- this may give some info straight from the source

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      What Aldo Rossi called his “little blue book” was published by Architectural Design (London) and Gandon Editions (Dublin) in 1983, to coincide with an exhibition of Aldo Rossi’s work in the Blue Studio Gallery – a space within de Blacam and Meagher’s office on Dawson Street. The exhibition had previously been shown at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London. Contrary to some reports, Rossi did not visit Dublin, although his former assistant, Christopher Stead, spoke at the associated seminar. The book was edited by John O’Regan (publisher), Paul Keogh, Sheila O’Donnell and Shane O’Toole (President of the AAI). Keogh (“the Teatro del Mondo can be easily imagined as a medieval tower-house floating on a western horizon”) and O’Donnell wrote intos; Niall McCullough and Valerie Mulvin translated one of Rossi’s texts – The Tower of Babel – into English for the first time; John Tuomey selected ‘preface’ texts from Rossi’s writings to lead off each of the published projects; Rachael Chidlow was a collaborator in the venture, as were Dr Andreas Papadakis and Frank Russell of AD.

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