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      I am writing a dissertation on the redevelopment of o’connell Street and would appreciate the views of others on whether or not they believe the regeneration of O’Connell Street could be damaging to its Identity?

      I am also interested in opinions about smithfields regeneration.

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      Paul Clerkin

      here’s a question for you…….. what is o’connell street’s identity at the moment?

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      Well, it is the place people gather for demonstrations and meetings.

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      Its a video arcade and chip shop, on two separate boulevards, split down the middle by an out of scale row of london planes.

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      I think O’Connell street holds different meanings to different people. Locals,Architects,tourists.We all create our own vision of its identity.although it is seen by many as a street with very little to offer at present for me it still remains the most identifyable street in Ireland.Its historic and its architecture are embedded in the minds of all who visit the street. It has a great sense of place. What I want to know is this. What if O’Connell street no longer existed if it was replaced by a cloned version of another city would that be a good thing or a bad thing.Is a streets true identity seen only through the eyes of the people who live there the tourist the buildings that surround it or all three?

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      Well there is only one person actually living on O’Connell street, I saw that in the paper, so the identity of the street to those living on it isn’t so important.

      Hey, does anyone know anything about that crazy read box and religeous statue thing about half way up it, is it official or did someone just come along and put it there?

      I wish they weren’t going to move the floozie to Pearse Street, she’ll look even worse there.

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      denny said earlier that it is the most identifiable street in Ireland, and it is. At the moment i kind of ignore it, just waiting for the corporation to finally implement their development plan. (as said before does anybody know what the hell is taking so long?)

      + not to stray too much but do any of the regular members of archeire know somebody high up in the corporation so as to communicate what the hell is going on in there?

      Anyway, O’Connell street has so much potential, its proportions are very “grand” and if its possible to define its identity;
      for me it is the main street of Ireland – and in a way, the birthplace / matrix pf this state.

      I hope they get their asses in to gear soon, but it must be nearly two years since the they announced the plan. i wont hold my breath.

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