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      Hello boys and girls. Hope you all are keeping well. I am hoping to become an architect. The problem is that I have not got the resources (time or financial) to go to university full time. I was hoping that anyone could point me in the direction that I need to go. I am looking to complete an award that will lead on to a degree. The problem is that this will have to be completed part time, during the evening in Dublin. I was looking at the HNC in Design Studies at D.I.T., but I know nothing about it and was looking for some information. Anyone able to help. Thanks. :confused:

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      One piece of advice don’t go to DIT they make you work.

      Now that we know sw101 has been to Fiji and is safely somewhere in southern hemispheres equivelent of west Wicklow where is Garethace these days. He would know the answer to this question.

      I also miss his sermons, they were even shorter than some of the recent members posts. :p

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      Anto…maybe look into correspondance courses…prob UK ones…dunno if there’s any Arch ones in the Rep

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      The RIBA have a part time course that is affiliated to a college in Oxford. I don’t know if its a degree as such but at the end of doing Part Two you would be a qualified architect with RIBA recognition. You can be based anywhere but it involves going to periodic weekend sessions in Oxford from time to time. They also expect you to have 6 years experience working in an architectural practice to do Part 1 and 3 years to do Part 2.

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