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      Hi There,
      I live in Kilbarrack area and thinking of extending the house, but dont’ have any idea how to go about it. Is arranging for the Architect the first step? Does an architect do the work of palnning permission arrangements and builder arrangements?

      Any idea about how much will cost me for a bathroom and extending my kitchen behind the house (around 40 sq meter in total)


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      Some of the issues you raise have been discussed already in the Irish Planning Matters forum (near the top of the main page). It’d be worth your while having a look at some of the threads in there to see if your questions have been answered in detail.
      In essence, you can extend your house up to 40 sq.m. (cumulative total) without requiring PP, subject to certain restrictions.
      It’s up to you to decide if you want to engage an architect (I might get shot for saying that here). Many extensions are built without an architect. If you do get an architect, they can usually do the planning end of things for you too, if it’s required.
      Re costs- the sky’s the limit. More detail would be required before a better answer could be given to that question.
      Your best bet might be to ask friends/neighbours how they went about it themselves. Personal recommendations are often the best way of finding an architect, builder, etc.
      Hope this helps.

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      Tom, you can find builders who would build you that for as littlle as 1000/sqm but that would not be to a high spec and in my experience you get what you pay for.

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      You could find somebody to look after PP for you, and then look after the builders and construction yourself. It would be alot easier for you. If there are any neighbours/locals/relations that are involved or know somebody that is it would be a help. Ask people you know who got similar work done recently.

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