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      For a while I’ve been thinking about the question of why don’t we build street anymore?

      Coming from this as a non-expert it looks to me like the work of building or planning new streets has been pretty much frozen for over a hundred years. We’ve been building a lot but it’s all suburbs or exurbs and it strikes me that it’s very difficult for a network of streets to expand outwards when surrounded by suburban growth. It would the huge political clout of a figure like Haussmann or Robert Moses.

      I know that what we call a thoroughfare (road, street, avenue etc.) isn’t clearly defined, but when, or example, did Dublin last name a new major street?

      I’d be interested in reading any views on this from a history, planning, geography etc. perspective or recommendations of sources where this has already been covered.

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      Assume that as most major new development (not counting docklands brownfield sites) now happens on the car-driven, big box store outskirts of the city, streets as we think of them don’t really work in those areas.

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