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      I’m a final year architcture student in poland and will be acquiring my masters in september.After finishing school i hope to move to ireland to find a job and would very much like to find out how much money fresh out of school architects make in ireland? How much does it cost to rent a small apartment? and what are the chances of finding a job in an architectural firm? ( if the demand for young architects is high). Thanks

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      Help me out here u guys:) no one wants to reply!!

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      I’m not an architect so I can’t help you but if you don’t get a response here try looking some recruitment websites ( and you should get some idea of starting salary and demand.

      As for the cost to rent an apartment try here Be warned its not cheap but rental esp. in Dublin is gradually falling.

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      hi there,
      Immediatly after graduation expect 23 – 26,000 euros approximately, before tax or deductions. 23,000 is low and you may be lucky and get up to 28,000. You should ask for about 26,000. If you’re renting expect to pay up to 500 euros a month to share and more if you want to live in an apartment on your own. If you’ve a good standard of English and a degree thats recognised in Ireland you should be able to find work.
      I graduated last year and almost all graduates got work pretty quickly. If you’re coming from abroad you could join an agency such as Hayes Montrose who will be able to organise interviews for you and should help things to move quickly.
      Dublin is expensive so dont settle for too little money.
      Good luck,

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      My advise is to stay clear of the least architecturally aware nation in Europe from goverment down to the ordinary Joe in the street.
      The commom angle used here is 90 degrees for everything….but if you reckon you can change and influence the norms come quickly but as you were warned it´s a very very expensive country.

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