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      I’m particulary interested in the architecture of hospitals. When they are so vital to a country and so expensive to build what part does design play? Any examples of good/bad design of hospitals. Are the old buildings in which many of the hospitals in dublin city based suitable as hospitals today?

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      aalto’s paimio sanotorium in finland is a fantastic looking building. great expression. not technicaly a hospital but still, patient accomodation and assessment makes it a medical facility. compared to something like the blackrock clinic it can only be seen as a delight.

      it was built around 1930, i think its current use is as a fully fledged hospital.

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      Yeah its a general hospital now, Still looks great. The pic isnt very revealing

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      Rita Ochoa

      Vet hospital is a hospital too…here’s a very nice one:

      It’s also a vet college, situated in Lisbon just next to my old architecture college.

      Portugal is full of old hospitals and it’s making an effort to build new ones urgently, altough they are very expensive projects and construtions.
      To give you a general idea, of all the existing hospitals only one has an oficial quality certification.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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