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      One of Dublin’s biggest bingo halls has been saved from demolition.

      Developers had hoped to knock down the landmark Star Bingo Hall and replace it with 40 apartments and a retail and medical centre on Crumlin Road.

      But three parties lodged appeals with An Bord Pleanala and the planning authority has ruled against granting permission. The authority said that the construction would be out of place in the context of adjoining property and streetscapes.

      won’t last much longer is there nice bulding hiding in there?

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      Er, no – big shed really

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      The decommisioning body missed a trick on that shed!!!


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      ‘historic’ in that its more than ten years old ? typical herald rubbish. Its a poorly tarted up pitched roof warehouse fronted by a lavish block entrance hall clad in no expense spared corrugated cladding.

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      The Star Cinema Crumlin Road was designed by Messrs. Jones and Kelly,and took a year to construct. It was opened by the Lord Mayor, Senator Andrew S Clarkin on 15 January 1953, with it’s first film being “Tea for Two”.
      It closed as a cinema in December 1971, when Gael Linn took over the building. Since then it has been variously used as a warehouse, snooker hall, a roller disco, and more recently as a bingo hall.
      Whilst never being as luxurious as the Odeons and other picture palaces in say the UK, nevertheless these older suburban cinemas were an important part of cultural life for vast numbers of people, and were much loved.
      Some of them did have vague Art Deco references, in windows, staircases light fittings,and some interior details…
      As in the case of the Adelphi, Carlton, Stella etc it is sad to see another piece of urban heritage being swept away by yet another faceless block of apartments, which I’m sure will happen, despite the current objections to this plan.

      With thanks to Jim Keenan, author of ” Dublin Cinemas”

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      It’s a big ugly shed, should be knocked.
      It is very close to Crumlin Hospital, and the main road. Since the Hospital is being moved to the Mater, there ought to be a development plan for the area, and the sooner the better so sites such as this can be properly planned and integrated into the overall area in time.

      Pepole spend years complaining about the lack of services/shops amenities in new estates, this is an oppertunity to provide something in advance.
      DCC should allow this be developed at high density as long as some amenity is provided on the site, perhaps a library or medical center but dont waste the opertunity.

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