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      Did anyone see one of the side effects of the LUAS works on Harcourt St?

      About half way down, where the road is being deeply excavated, many of the Georgian cellars and coal cellars were exposed for the first time in 220/250 years. It was extraordinary, with what looked like little red-brick beehives projecting out under the footpaths and roadway.

      It was sad to see that many of them were concreted up, but a lot had their solid arched walls untouched, in perfect condition. I think the street has been filled in again in the past week.

      And there were lots of wonderful Victorian cast iron waterpipes being taken up as well.

      God, I’m easily amused.

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      Yes, I’ve seen those, but I’ve seen (and photographed something even better too.

      One morning last September, they dug a huge trench outside the KPMG building. It was filled in again very quickly, same day in fact.

      I managed to get a picture of what was in the trench . . . I’ll put it online over the weekend, and drop in here on Monday to give you a link to it (it won’t be part of my site, just a couple of pics put up specifically for you guys).


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      were there hundreds and thousands of terracota consultants all lined up?

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      Paul Clerkin


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      Oooooh, whatever could it be?
      Must have got some strange looks taking a picture of a hole, its bad enough even glancing at an excavation without sixteen CC ‘workers’ standing around, staring at you like you’ve three heads.

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      Graham i thought you do have 3 heads? No!

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      Hmmmmm . . . this has probably been over-hyped now 😉

      See http://www.allaboutbuses.com/door.jpg

      So, this is what I saw – a very enticing doorway leading to – who knows where?

      Presumably a celler door of the original building which was there before KPMG?


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      doorway leading to basement

      quite common-there was one opened on henrietta street last year

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      Rory W

      Its the door to where they keep the tortured soles of the Accountants.

      The building that was there before KPMG/Stokes Place was the original Russell Court Hotel – which was a favorite haunt of the Ansbacher brigade, with its fine wines and top cuisine (very much the Patrick Guibauds of its day) – I was hoping they’d dig up a wine cellar which had been forgotten about but…

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      Isn’t there just something fantastically exiciting about underground spaces, and indeed anything that has been ‘uncovered’, the mystery surrounding them etc – which makes it SO irritating when a logical explanation is applied to them.
      Although, then the focus turns onto the old users of the discovery & so it becomes intriuging again…

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      Originally posted by Rory W
      Its the door to where they keep the tortured soles of the Accountants.

      Accountants don’t have souls!

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