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      i have always noticed a tall white building in this area. it is very tall. how tall is it though and what is it used for? looking at the building itself it is very hard to count the number of floors. i think something needs to be done with this building. it either needs a complete makeover or else it needs to be knocked down. any plans for this building? it must be there for years now. it looks like it was made out of really thin materials as the walls look so thin. i wouldn’t climb it’s stairs! i’d say if the big bad wolf came along he could blow it down just like he did the pigs house! ha ha ha. this tall building belongs to guinness. know the one i mean guys?

      lol 🙂

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      while guinness does have some really old buildings that are very important/historical and so on, it does have some ugly ones too.

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      Paul Clerkin

      afaik its a grain silo… grain goes in at the top and is treated in some way….

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      Andrew Duffy

      There’s also a taller, newer grain silo behind it. A good way to gauge the height of the buildings in Guinness is by knowing that the Storehouse is 35M tall without its Gravity bar hat and about 42M with it. The rest of the buildings look about Central Bank/O’Connell Bridge House height, around 45M.

      If you read about the Heuston Gateway on you can see plans for the area’s future. The first of those three tall buildings is a 19 storey apartment building on Military Road currently in planning.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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