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      Ronan C

      Don’t know if it’s just me but has anybody else noticed the huge amount of graffiti on almost every lampost, ESB box, post box etc. etc., in Dublin nowadays ?

      It seems to be everywhere. Needless to say I think it looks crap. It’s creeping in more and more, take a ride on the DART and you’ll see allmost every possible surface along your journey defaced. From the photo’s on the previous thread about the LUAS, I see it’s started alreday there aswell …

      What can we do about it ??????

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      Send the graffiti artists to night classes in colour theory – monochrome graffiti is depressing….

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      Nicely done cutting edge grafitti is okay, but almost all the stuff in Ireland is done by 3 year olds who have progresssed from crayons to spray paint. Makes the irish look like a talentless bunch of muck savages. Go to any other European city & they deface the streets in a very considered & artistic manner.

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      Like other anti-social behaviour, boredom is mainly the root cause.

      More needs to be provided for kids and teenagers. There are more golf courses than playgrounds in Ireland which says a lot. Start with building playgrounds and skateparks.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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