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      I guess this is a sort of survey, brain picking, curiosity, cry for help sort of thread, aimed at those people who’ve taken the plunge and set up their own architectural practice.

      Best piece of advice?
      Biggest regret?
      Greatest satisfaction?
      Largest stumbling block?

      etc etc

      Or for those who thought about but didn’t, what was the main reason?

      Or for those thinking about it, what appeals / puts you off?

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      If this is to help you in your own descision… then I would say that no matter what people will tell you.. you will take the plunge based on your heart … not your head. It’s a basic need or instinct which leads to setting up on your own which is unavoidable and will happen if the felling is strong enough….
      Don’t forget you’re never on your own … and it’s quite likely that you will need to employ other people to help you with your business.

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      I started my own practise in 1996.
      You really need get indemnity insurance, which is costly before you do anything.
      Then have a client base to start – so you survive. You will need at least 5 prospective clients even to consider starting.
      I did consultancy work for other architects – whilst waiting to gain my own client base.
      You need to decide what area you will work at.
      Residential – larger number of clients
      Commercial – fewer number of client but greater workload
      Get drafting service numbers – for times when you need to offload
      Well worth it though, work own hours.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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