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      Greeting Colleagues,

      Would anyone care to contribute ideas and/ or suggestions they might have for a 5th Year Architectural Degree thesis project based in Galway City? As it stands I’m mulling over:

      1. A theatre complex in Fisheries Fields to accommodate Macnas, Druid agus Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe
      2. An integrated water sports centre for rowing, kayaking and sailing on the N.U.I.G. campus as per the existing masterplan
      3. A marina facility at Galway Docks
      4. A study of the ‘in between’ spaces in the N.U.I.G. campus masterplan, with a view to composing an architectural strategy that might bind its disparate elements together
      5. A museum dedicated to those impacted by clerical abuse as per the recommendations of the Ryan Report (!)
      6. An inhabited bridge linking Menlough with the Moycullen Road

      At this tentative stage these notions vary from the ‘very obvious’ to the ‘bit ridiculous’ and so any input would be gratefully appreciated.

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      My only comment is slow down there….
      These are all “projects”, none of them are thesis. Ie they could be the result of, but not the cause of a “thesis” [no4 is the only one that has potential to be the begings of a thesis.]
      A thesis is an idea about how architecture should be made, the project (ie the brief/ programme) should only be a way to demonstrate or prove this.

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      Okay, that’s a good point. How would you feel about working to a competition brief, such as that issued by the Galway Harbour Company today for the redevelopment of Galway Docks, as a thesis project?

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      I’m sure it would be fine, but its the same point. For mine I spliced together a competition brief for one project across town and combined it with a masterplan in a different part of town, however it was done with the purpose of “proving” or demonstrating something about how I though architecture should be made. You can make any brief work as a thesis, I wasn’t dismissing any of suggestions in the first post, but the point is why? What interests you in architecture? light? sound? ecology? contrast? volume? relationship between architecture and literature? cubic rooms? rooms with one window? floor surfaces? architecture and social conscience? And how does “An inhabited bridge linking Menlough with the Moycullen Road” or “A museum dedicated to those impacted by clerical abuse as per the recommendations of the Ryan Report” help demonstrate that.

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      Thanks for all of that Spoilsport.

      Does anyone have a CAD map of Galway City they could Email me?

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