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      Michael J. OBrien

      I read in the papers over the weekend of a furniture auction in Durrow Co Laois that included the contents of Emo House.

      Is this the same as Emo Court House:

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      Michael J. OBrien

      Thanks for the reply ConK.

      Is Emo Court house not state owned? My understanding is that when the religious order moved out that a family moved in & restored the house. They lived in a wing of the house- so maybe it is the furniture from this wing that was sold?

      Interestingly the Jesuits joined the ’round room’ with one of the sitting rooms to make their chapel. Also they removed some fireplaces that had scantly cladded people on them but stored them in the basement.

      All of these changes now reversed. This house is well and truly worth a visit.

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      I’ve never been, though I know how much the place is talked up.
      I’m a bit of a Gandon fan so I should make the pilgrimage..

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      @Michael J. O’Brien wrote:

      Is Emo Court house not state owned?

      The last time a heard, was that in 1993 a life time tenancy deal was struck with owner Mr. Chomley Harrison, with the arrangment that the house would be open to the public and maintained and after the mans death would go into state ownership. The man was in his 90s but I heard nothing of him dying. As regards the alterations by the philistein Jesuits one must believe that there ambitions to educate the leaders of tommorow has come to be, considering the level of ignorance in planing and architecture at the highest levels of government.

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