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      In one of Frank McDonald’s recent articles he lamented the lack of fountains in Dublin city. I have counted eight so far, unfortunately seven of these are derelict!

      What is Dublin’s problem with fountains?

      Plenty of poorer cities manage to maintain their fountains. In cities like Budapest you can fill your water bottle from various types of water features.

      I’m posting my dirty half dozen here. Any info that the board could put together on these would be great. Maybe we might inspire somebody in DCC.

      First up is the recently restored Rutland fountain. This was donated to the people of Dublin and look how we have looked after it. Why DCC spend a small fortune cleaning it up but not fixing the water flow is beyond me. They could also get rid of the railings if they ever get around to caring. And what ever happened to the statute (Venus?)?

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      Next: I don’t know the official name for this one. Most people know it as the horse trough on St Stephen’s Green.

      Of particular interest and shame is the inscription: “Presented to the Corporation and Citizens of Dublin by Lady Laura Grattan 1880“. I bet Lady Laura might not have wasted her money if she knew how the Corporation would look after it. Not only has the Corporation allowed it to fall into dereliction it has actively destroyed it by placing traffic poles beside it.

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      Number 3 is already famous to this board.

      South King Street. Built by DCC around 2005 and shut off around 2005! If this doesn’t sum up the Council’s attitude to fountains I don’t know what will. Two theories as to why it was shut off. 1) The wind blew the water away from the drainage; or more believable 2) The fountain was built on a slope and the water simply flowed down to the nearby shops.

      Not only did the Council build it and then shut it off they have simply allowed it to fall into disrepair. Most of the holes are uncovered and a clear danger to foot traffic. My money is on this one disappearing beneath some tarmac any day now once somebody falls over and sues the Council.

      If anyone has an update on the plans for what will happen I would love to hear.

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      The Sheehan Memorial may not be with us anymore as it was/is beside the new Liffey bridge. So if anyone knows what’s happening to it…

      It may well return to being a city ashtray somewhere else in the city:

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      Number five: I have absolutely no information on this one. Any takers?

      It is on Parnell Sq outside between the Gate and Ambassador theatres and equally unloved by our city fathers.

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      And Six: Not one on my original list but for lack of a photo I nominate this one on Wilton Terrace. I don’t know who is responsible for this one, or this park for that matter. Is this a private park?

      Either way the fountain is now a flower bed.

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      A great thread! I must add some of my own…we are actually not as devoid of fountains as we often think. They are just never working. Regarding the ones you identify…

      No. 1 The Rutland fountain has been the subject of discussion elsewhere viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7624&p=109755&hilit=Rutland+Fountain#p109755 but it remains one of the best looking of the city’s monuments. I agree fully with your comments regarding its waterworks – and actually the well known Pat Liddy also noted this during a walking tour one Culture Night. Perhaps the City Council might listen to him.

      No. 2 I couldn’t but agree! What a mess this junction is…a forest of poles. Awful looking.

      No. 3 Mentioned before also including the very obvious question: why didn’t the mechanism just get moved and relocated to a spot where it might work.

      No. 4 The Sheehan Monument was recently removed but I think it will be reinstated at a slightly different location (same junction) Judging from the plans for the Marlborough Street bridge. It was heading for a knock by a bus as it was.

      No. 5 That poor feature on Parnell Square – what a disgrace!

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      So here are some more…

      First up, a working fountain (at least most times). The secondary piece to the Davis Memorial on College Green – beloved of washingup liquid merchants.

      Incidentally a fountain owned and maintained by OPW as opposed to the Council. The fountain was restored to working order in 2006 or 2007 and a full GrahamH exposition on the sculpture can be found elsewhere.

      Next, more a drinking fountain than a fountain, this time inset into the wall of the Dublin City Rates Office on Cork Hill. Once more a lovely sculpture (similar to our friend on Parnell Square) and unused.

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      Another drinking fountain (also out of use) on James’s Street at the triangle with Steevens Lane.

      The plaque says it was restored in 1995 with funding from the Ireland Fund and US Chamber of Commerce

      Grisly face

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      Across the river now and this actual fountain greets the new arrivals to the city from Heuston Station. The plaque says that it was donated to the city by Dublin Chamber of Commerce to mark the chamber’s bicentenary. Its usually working but I haven’t noticed it so for a while now.

      The adjoining Croppy Acre Park is very pretty..and always seems to have a groundsman pottering around. A grand job for some DCC Parks man. The lake is the new home of Anna Livia of course..and the pond too has a small fountain effect.

      Finally down to Smithfield and this curiosity make a welcome return recently…again strictly speaking a drinking trough for animals.

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      Is there a fountain of youth?

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