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      Hi All,

      I did a search and could’nt find any details on foundations for a 9” cavity wall. So i’ll put it to the general users. I’m looking into building a garage, have the p.p. for a 9m x 6m garage. I’ve never done anything like this before so i’m wondering how should i go about laying the founds for a cavity block built shed?

      How far should i dig for founds?

      What size concrete foundation is req to support 9m x 6m? Will i need to re-enforce with steel?

      Also how do go about working out how much concrete i need to order.. is there a particular mix i should get?

      Sorry i know you guys probably get this all the time but a little help would be greatly appreciated.


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      A standard rule of thumb is the foundation footing should be equal in thickness to the wigth of the wall, and at least three times as wide.
      So that equals a 650×225 foundation (scale up dims slighty)
      this foundation under a 9mx6m wall is 30 m linear. So a 650×225 needs just under 5 cubic metres. get 5 for that lil bit extra.
      And the trench should be a min depth of 900m. But often they are deeper because you need to go deep enough to get to good solid ground.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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