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      Anyone got anymore information other than that in todays papers about the corpo demolishing the old fish market?

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      John Callery

      Old pubs going one by one also the Iveagh gone, Daisy gone now the old fishmarket gone- Moore St just hanging in – yet we still have have Tesco’s and Superquinn to bring our foreign friends and tourists to Dublin to show them the last of our old Dublin markets !!

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      Read somewhere that the Corp (now City Council, but they can’t fool us) intends to develop the fruit markets into a retail centre. In short, having spent a ton of money on a stunning refurbishment of the markets building, they’re damned if they’re going to waste it on a bunch of wholesalers trying to get by.

      I think they have a Covent Garden in mind – an example of how not to if you ask me.

      I think that this is the coolest part of town, with plenty of mix and mingle, and to change it to a tourist ghetto crawling with buskers and jugglers a la Temple Bar would be a pity.

      Is this true, and if so, any views?

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