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      david butler

      Would someone be able to tell us a little more about Findlater House please, what purpose was it built for and when, would help? Thank you. Regards David Butler .

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      All I know is that it took away Findlater’s and the Monument Creamery, and if I’m not mistaken a very nice ‘ice-salon’ (or was that on the corner of Cuffe Street and St.Stephen’s Green? I’m too young to remember, too old to forget).

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      From the D of D – it was built between 1972-74.
      Suffice to say it was speculatively built, being sold on within months of finding a state tenant.

      A ghastly building – the thankfully not often seen vast elevation to Cathal Brugha St being particularly awful.

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      david butler

      Thank you for the information. It seems the general consencus is that it is not a great looking building. (Are there photos of how the site looked before it’s building?)Best wishes David Butler. p.s. what is the “d of d”

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      I presume “d of d” is Frank McDonald’s book “Destruction of Dublin”

      I imagine the building was so named because it was built on the site of the old Findlaters Wine and Spirits Merchants and Grocers?

      If you are interested in the older history Alex Findlater of that dynasty has written a book about the family firm.
      ” Findlaters: The Story of a Dublin Merchant Family 1774-2001″ (A&A Farmar)

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      Yes, I’ve seen that too and it’s very comprehensive.
      The D of D does refer to McDonald’s book 🙂

      Yes the building was named after Findlaters who occupied the site for many years in a hodge-podge collection of buildings.
      Here’s a picture of the 5 buildings they occupied:

      And just look at the chimneys on them 🙂

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      J. Seerski

      Well the picture you use Graham was the pre – 1916 shot of this terrace – it was completely destroyed in the rising – if you want a good idea of what it looked like before the 1970s, picture a copy of the corner Centra building at the nothern end of the terrace being mirrored on the other end. A four-bay roman cement building and a few other small buildings proveided the infill between these corner buildings. This has to be the worst monstrosity on the street. Dynamite please. 🙂

      So with Findlaters went the only supermarket on O’Connell Street. I suppose a upmarket supermarket would make a useful addition to the street and not without precedent.

      Can I add that I’m 25 and not banking on memory here! 😉

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      Ooops you’re right J Seerski – for some reason the elimination of half of the upper street slipped my mind 😮 🙂

      Yes this picture was taken in 1911, quite some time before the Civil War. Now that you raise it, I’ve never actually wondered what this terrace was built as post-1922 – though presumably similar to the Savoy terrace given the nature of the two corner buildings you mention, of which only one remains. Though did any of the Georgians survive given the mixture of buildings you mention that Findlaters occupied post-22?

      Think a few pictures are in order…

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