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      Gone as of last weekeed. They must have been one of the ugliest public buildings in the country. RIP

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      Does that mean that the re-structuring of the square is finally going ahead ?!? And have the plans been changed from those originally prepared by Mitchell ?!?

      I really hope it’s happening… will make such a huge difference to the place… was a pretty good design imho…

      [sarcasm] but what will happen to the trees ?!? [/sarcasm]

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      Couldnot resist reply to this one .

      I suppose it was demolished but I would have to ask where are people going to go now.

      will they have to sneak into McDonnalds or the nearest bar.

      Has alternative one been provided or was it closed for years as was ours in Terenure??

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      Joey Soap

      Hope there weren’t any children hurt in the demolition.

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      theres going to be a few of those superloo jobs(as a temporary measure), them that open automatically after twenty seconds or such like

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      Well there was a major plan drawn up a few years back to overhaul the entire park/square. This plan included demolition of the existing toilets and replacing them with the more modern cubicle versions.

      The existing toilets were pretty bad and few people used them, so I doubt many will miss them… and with good auld Supermacs across the way…

      But I’m curious as to know whether the whole plan is under way… here’s hoping…

      And while they’re gone people can go here instead… http://www.cybertoilets.com/

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      ya was always scared shitless (excuse pathetic pun) when in those loos… in out asap no messin around…

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      I hope the superloos don’t stay for long. Has anyone seen the one in kildare town? it has georgian pilasters and a sort of entablature, painted black with lovely gold highlights. it looks like one of those bollards on steroids.

      They are also hideously expensive, about £100,000, believe it or not.

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      The refurbishment of the square is not underway, some study or other ongoing to placate the greenies. The toilets will, AFAIK be underground eventually.

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