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      A task force of leading building industry experts has met to discuss the emergency performance of buildings following the destruction of the World Trade Centre.

      The group, formed by the international Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, produced a number of recommendations relating to egress strategies, integrated building control systems, performance-based design, education and research.

      However, the task force concluded that no building could be designed to withstand the maliciously directed impact of a large fuel-laden aircraft, as witnessed on 11 September. It found that the World Trade Centre “performed heroically”, allowing more than 20,000 people to evacuate.

      “It is important to understand that the attack on the World Trade Centre was not about tall buildings, it was about terrorism,” the task force stated.

      While applauding tall buildings for their “excellent” safety records, the group suggested some general themes that could be explored further to increase the level of safety in the built environment.

      Recommendations include:

      The updating of standards relating to exit and evacuation standards – systems, shelters, stairwells and elevators
      The design of systems with multiple sources and independent distribution routes to better withstand disruptions caused by extreme events
      The integration of systems inside and outside the building to provide on-site and remote information about the building and its occupants
      The addition of performance-based design to existing building codes and standards
      The establishment of guidelines for better education of safety procedures, decision-making and communicating during an emergency
      The task force – which includes 24 experts in architecture, engineering and fire protection as well as developers and building owners – will also be making recommendations for further research and will serve as a global advisory panel for all aspects relating to overall building safety.

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      New York City Infrastructure Task Force:

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