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      Hi all, i was hoping someone would be able to help, we own a 3 bed Semi, and are looking into attic conversions, however, i would be interested to know if we would be able to put a small window in the attic? would this be under exempted development, i have tried to research this online, only to be given fairly vague answers and an option to pay €150.00 for an answer!

      Any replies would be greatly apprecaited.

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      I’ll do it for €100.

      Go to your planning authority.
      Ask them for a Section 5 Declaration regarding your proposed development (details below).
      Pay €80.
      Wait 4 weeks.


      Or just apply for permission anyway.

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      If your planning on converting your attic, you will need to apply for planning permission as this is a change of use scenario. If you ever decide to sell your house and you haven’t received the correct planning permission you will run into difficulities. As for the window, you also need permission, technically your supposed to apply to the relevant planning authority to even change the style of windows. Section 1 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 explains what is exempted development, try http://www.environ.ie for a list of the Act.

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      thanks for your replies: 🙂

      i just have one query: how is it a change of use to convert an attic? the house is a domestic dwelling and will still be a domestic dwelling if we go ahead? the change of use regards, using the house for the means of running a business etc. surely not using space that is already there for a means by which the rest of the house already serves. 😡

      Could you please explain how its a change of use? at present it has none. 🙁

      Also if this is the case, 😮 would it even be worth converting the attic?? how much would it cost to be able to get permission. :confused:

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      It’s a change of use because currently the attic is a storage space. And you would be changing its use into a habitable room. And the cost for a planning application is realitively small. Check your planning authority.

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      Generally, you can convert your attic space for use ancillary to the dwelling house without the need for planning – and you can install velux rooflights to the rear elevation without the need for planning permission.

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