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      Paul Clerkin

      Energy ratings similar to consumer-friendly fridge ratings will have to be produced for every home bought and sold in England from next June, the Government have announced. Housing Minister Yvette Cooper launches the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) today, (June 14th), which will be an essential part of the Home Information Packs to be introduced next year.


      European agreements require that from 2009 all homes for sale should have energy certificates.

      Ireland should get on this sooner rather than later…
      Unfortunately you just know it will be used as an excuse by property developers to raise the prices of houses further…

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      I think the directive requires this by 2009

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      Paul Clerkin

      It does but they should be moving the date forward.

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      It target is that by 2009 all house for sale should have a certificate. This includes second-hand homes.
      New built houses will have them by 2008. And commercial buildings by 2007.
      These are dates we were told in a recent talk on the topic.

      I have already seen these certs displayed on some public buildings already. The energy usage for a building in the A class was alot higher than I expected. Does anybody know if the domestic rating will be on the same scale or what the scale will be.

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