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      I would like to know what are the existing labels and standards for energy efficiency in Ireland.
      Is there something like HEQ (High Environmental Quality which I think is a French label) ?
      What are the formations in Ireland for the professionals of energy efficiency in buildings ?

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      The existing standards for buildings are :

      1. The Building Energy Rating (BER) calculations, as required under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive from the EU (1999 if im not mistaken)…… registered qualified BER assessors carry out these calculations. They are applicable for all new dwellings since 01 jan this year, and will be applicable to all buildings being sold or rented by 01 jan 2009.

      2. Compliance with Current Irish Building Regulations.. particularly Part L; conservation of fuel and energy. Compliance with these are left to professionals whose qualifications are acceptable by the Law Society of Ireland, typically architects or engineers.

      Most of irelands energy labelling comes from EU directives.
      Appliance labelling is required under a 1995 EU directive
      We also have ‘Energy Star’ labelling which is an international voluntary labelling scheme for energy efficient office equipment, both at home and in business.

      check out this site for more information…..

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      Ok, that’s what I though. Except for the minimum national standards, which are compulsory for any new dwelling; there are no label which add value to the buildings (like eco-label, “greenhouse” label, etc.).
      I saw some societies in the sector of green housing in Ireland, they have various techniques : canadian super-e, use of wood like in Sweden, houses like in Austria. But no specific label, for passive houses for example. In France we have this HEQ, and I guess there is the same thing in other countries.
      I am rather new in this sector, I am still a student, but for my formation (european studies), I need to find professionnal trainings for green housing in Ireland. But, at least on internet, I find it rather difficult to find.

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      on the passive house issue… only a house that has passed testing under Phpp 2007 from Passive House Institute
      Darmstadt… can ‘legally’ be entitled a passive house…. theres no legal entitlement in Ireland for such a label.
      see for a proper definition.

      You will find Ireland is haphazard in many of its standards.

      What you should look for is specific best practise proof from systems, eg a timber frame company should show a FSC label

      ISO 14001 is the universally recognised environmental standard label.

      hope some of this helps….

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      Thank you for your answers, it is clearer now.

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