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      15 Aug 2002

      I am the Irish national contact who has just returned from Croatia after attending the EASA, European architectural students assembly, http://www.arhitekt.hr/easa, summer school on the island of Vis.

      EASA is @ 20 years old and DIT hosted a winter school in 1991 followed by one in Belfast in 1992. Unfortunately since then irish architects, both students and working, have forgotten about this hugely important and enjoyable educational event.

      This year over 400 of us from all over Europe occupied the derelict Samogor army barracks and did workshops from it for 2 weeks. It was an amazing experience with films, lectures, gigs, d.j`s, parties and art events on every night.

      The workshop I did was called “network” with the French tutor Don Foresta. We explored the idea of the network, communication, art, humanity, the new renaissance or revolution we are going through. We went to beaches, swam, chatted, constructed art, documented it, and chatted more. We turned a derelict building into the “samogor art gallery” to house our art and exploration and findings about the network. By the end our art gallery was running installations from many workshops simultaneously and was and still is an important place for samogor. In conjunction with this we are making the “samogor art gallery” website and this will connect into the MARCEL network, http://www.mmmarcel.org, which don is involved with.

      2 other Irish participants came with me, both from DIT. There were 2 Irish tutors, one of which Derek Treneman is a lecturer in U.C.D, he will be giving a lecture later in the year. I sent info to the other 3 schools and talked to people in DIT, but unfortunately more did not come, we had 3 more places.

      It would be great if discussion happened about this so hopefully more Irish students might attend next year in Denmark. Also it in itself is a very exciting real thing which happened, the Croatians continue to try to build up this army barracks into something special and we can help them. No tourists were allowed on the island pre 1990 as it was the shelter for the government in case of war. Then after the war it was used as a refugee centre. Things are changing quickly on the island and we as architects tried to create a dialogue with the islanders for a sustainable future through our workshops and tried to leave things and places for them and others to enjoy and use in the future.

      An open presentation, discussion and workshop will happen in late September to communicate what went on, everyone will be welcome

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      Luke Gardnier

      Croatia, what a preserved (despite the recent war) and protected architectural heritage they have. Sure hope you visited traffic free / architectural gem Dubrovnik and Korshula while you were there.

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      Speaking of Eastern Europe…….but is’nt it full of architectural gems …despite the ravishes of both World Wars and the subsequent communist regimes. Was’nt it sad to see the beautiful city of Prague flooded on TV, the beautiful Cathedrals, public buildings, squares and appartments under a biblical deluge. ….(not forgetting but Budapest is a gem too……The Austro-Hungarian Empire to thank in a way I suppose),and to add ….see Munich recently there under a deluge while it hosted the European athletics but yet it still looked very pretty too…….unlike dreary auld Dublin on a wet day……maybe cause many of their buildings as well as being architecturally pretty are painted in bright summer colours……ie yellow ochre , terracotta, egg shell blue…..etc……
      We recently painted our auld pebble dashed suburban gaff there a yellow ochre colour ….it looked so great that even the neighbours followed suit….and it has brightened up the whole neighbourhood…..well when you consider some of them had their homes painted black….anything would be an improvement.

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      It would be great if a similar attitude existed here as a great oppurtunity existed for something similar to happen (or at least be discussed) on the future of the recently state owned Clancy Barracks at Islandbridge.

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