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      Found this online, thought it might be of interest http://indigo.ie/~kfinlay/New%20Dublin/section1.htm

      proposal for the central area

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      I can remember as a student being totally taken with the breadth of Abercrombies proposals and wishing they had been carried out!!

      It just goes to show that architectural students are big on balls and pretty lacking in brain (well I was anyway) – also the lure of postmodernism was nearly overpowering – which is pretty much what the Abercrombie plan is.

      Looking at the proposal now its fairly clear that the proposed interventions would have been pretty disastrous – Parliament street – 150 ft wide and extending north to south across the city – also the proposals for the north and south quays are horrendous – never mind that the main brunt of the interventions would have been carried by what is now the surviving Georgian fabric and also the mediaeval street patterns around Ship Street.

      Still its interesting to have the opportunity to look at this plan again – not least because its the only masterplan ever put together and proposed for the city.

      Good idea to post it.


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      Yes thanks for that reference, not just the plan but some of the stuff on the mother web site is interesting too.

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      Paul Clerkin

      The old books are pretty interesting okay, it must take him forever to scan them. FYI we also have the Abercrombie Report in the Archdublin section of this site – never got around to adding the illustrations though – must do it….

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