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      Dublin Bay infill hearing adjourned over bias issue

      AN ORAL hearing into plans to infill 52 acres of Dublin Bay was adjourned indefinitely yesterday after concern was expressed about the involvement of flooding specialists HR Wallingford.

      Counsel for Dublin Port Paul Gardiner SC raised the possibility of an objective bias in the firm’s retention by An Bord Pleanála, as HR Wallingford had previously been retained by the promoters of a new port at Bremore in north Co Dublin.

      Mr Gardiner said Bremore had been put forward as an alternative to Dublin Port’s infill plans, and described Bremore as “the only other game in town”.


      so i guess the clontarf residents hoping bremore goes ahead are pretty pissed off

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      What a sordid mess.

      Why can’t Dublin City commission an all-embracing plan for Dublin City that includes Dublin Bay?

      What is so terribly wrong about developing a comprehensive vision and then just pursuing it?

      Why are we incapable of grasping the value of Dublin Bay and developing a plan that balances the civic, the commercial, the amenity and the natural potential of this place in one joined-up vision?

      We have this enormous potential asset, an asset that other cities would kill for, and the only people we ever let deal with it are the narrow vested interests that are only ever intent on squabbling over their own little corner.

      You’re left wondering whether you should be cheering for the lying bastards in Dublin Port who misuse the land they have, but still want to infill more, or the horrified resident groups who couldn’t give a toss about the various speckled warblers that inhabit the amenity-bereft mud flats left over by centuries of haphazard incursions, until they can be press-ganged into use in a planning objection.

      That the rent-a-flooding-consultant has a finger in both port pies just adds another layer of sordidness to the whole thing.

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      Bad-hair day, gunter?

      (But so true.)

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      Gunter, perhaps that should be a major theme of the campaign for an elected Mayor of Dublin. Only such an office can overcome the nonsense related to Dublin Bay. Maybe he or she can bang the heads of DDDA, DCC, Dublin Port, the ESB, the upcoming DTA, DoT, DoE, Dept of Marine, Dept of Arts, Sport and Tourism, the EPA, the myriad resident’s associations, the TDs and Councillors and every other person or organisation that feels they merit a say in the future of the bay.

      The last I heard on this matter was that the election would be 2010? Sounds unrealistic and was originally slated for 2011 but that’s the latest. I’ll be making it an issue with anyone looking for my vote.

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      going for mayor are you alonso 😛

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      I don’t think Spanish citizens are eligible 😉

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