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      Paul Clerkin

      Dublin Inner City: West Entrance “The Foyer”. Jana Hertelt and Daniel Kothe, August 2005

      Jana Hertelt and Daniel Kothe are undertaking a diploma thesis in urban planning at the University of Technology Cottbus, Germany. Their study looks at Dublin’s Inner City, particularly from the perspective of the western “foyer” entrance at Heuston. In a series of images, Hertelt and Kothe describe what they call the ” transformation of a “non-place” of city-historical outsourced objects to an urban city-centre gateway “. The study also offers perspectives on high-rise now and in the future along the Liffey corridor. Jana Hertelt and Daniel Kothe, August 2005


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      Looks excellent to me – a good visualization of tall buildings in this area – to my mind, they do form a solid ‘entrance’ to the city. Would be nicely balance by some more in the docklands.

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      My faourite view in Dublin will be lost forever 🙁 I just love coming into town along Chesterfield Avenue at dusk, the huge red neon Guinness sign atop the tall white building shining brightly. Ah well, it’s impressive looking anyway. I’m no language fascist but ‘Halla baile’ slips off the tongue more easily than ‘city hall’. This area of the city really needs careful planning. It’s such an important gateway and it’s a dismal place right now. It always has been and hardly anything has changed there since I was a kid taking the 68 bus into town along that way!

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      Not bad – Comments:

      i) If this is a student crit presentation I thought they might have been more ambitious. Nothing is articulated re the connection between the Royal Hospital Grounds and the Pheonix Park. Heuston forms a wall at the present time that could easily (although expensively) be (green) bridged.
      ii) It would seem that the main avenue into Dublin (with the station on your left as you approach) crashes straight into a building thus disturbing the natural flow of traffic – pedestrians – vision – spatial aesthetics (a big fan of Space Syntax for those who know it). I may be reading the graphic incorrectly here though.
      iii) Why the bloody big building infront of the station – surely that would be opened up to the Liffey. From where would you appreciate this gateway (with the building on the other side).
      iv) Personally I’d rather a park fronting the Liffey on the South side – god knows Dublin needs some new green space in the centre. On the same point I think that Phoneix is vaslty underused by the citizens of the city which could be ammended by suggestions such as (i) above.
      v) What was the software?
      vi) Is the new bridge a footbridge? Should this perhaps be moved to the axis of the Museum.
      vii) The tree lined avenue routing from the Hospital (lovely idea to open up) is great but I can’t see it generating requisit traffic.
      viii) Where’s the Pepper Canister?
      viii) How about knowing down almost every new build appartment within the drawing. As somebody noted in the forum the other day following a report in the Indo I think they are lego land potential slums. Thank god they’re so badly build that they have such a short shelf life. Sure developers would gladly cooperate if densities and floor heights could be achieved to Parisian levels.


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      “Where’s the Pepper Canister? “

      On Mount St…?

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      Of course! Sorry I mean that green pepper canister like building within the Guniness complex – looks slightly Byzantium!

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      Isn’t it just off Thomas St – supposed to be the feature of the Digital Hub???

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      if thats the entrance to the city, you’d want to seriously scale up the final destination …

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      Bill McH

      @sjpclarke wrote:

      Of course! Sorry I mean that green pepper canister like building within the Guniness complex – looks slightly Byzantium!

      I believe that used to be a windmill.

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      Dats Right

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      also , relating inner city west entrance, does Inchicore get a mention??

      Ihave to say inchicore is really coming on now, although traffic is ugly down there too 😡

      especially considering the scale of developments popping up along the luas and new roads upgrades , ie Naas rd.

      is there any consideration of a bypass there ,

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      It already is bypassed with the N4 dual carriageway on one side and the long-mile/ coombe route on the other.

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