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      First let me introduce myself. Dave is my name, from south Dublin. Ive been following your forum for a few weeks now and im fascinated by it, and it’s a great credit to you all. Ive a huge interest in architecture, and even though im only in school still, im hoping to get into it later in life in college etc.

      One of the main areas that has always interested me from a young age was Dublin Council houses, mainly those of inchicore, where my mother and grandmother grew up, and I spent a lot of time as a child. The house was bought new by my grandmothers family new in 1929, and has ‘suffered’ endless alterations over the years. I always have, and still do really enjoy stripping back the layers when we’re doing renovations and finding what original features lie beneath the surface. The house has always fascinated me, and still does. Despite being a council house almost 80 years old now, the attention to detail, and the quality of the building amazes me.

      I’ve always being trying to find out bits and pieces about the house and land, from the acquiring of the land from what was richmond barricks (my great grandfather faught in bolands in 1916 with dev, and was arrested in richmond alongside him another great connection to the road), right up to the present day. Really though I haven’t found out a whole lot. Recently a house to the very same design on the opposite side of the road has come up for sale. It’s almost in original condition, and it’s inspired me to go and find out more about them. These houses on the other side of the road were built by a german builder, and have very very small variations, such as a different location of the original ‘hot press’, using a form of insulation in the construction, and steel windows rather than the wooden on our side of the road, none of which survive 🙁

      anyway the house is here on myhome.ie:


      If anyone could offer my snipets of information, history, or where i can source drawings or any sort of documentation relating to these houses or similar, i’d really really appriaciate it!

      Also Ive started a topic on ‘Dublin Council Houses’ so feel free to exapnd, if it hasn’t already been done!

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      Welcome to the site Dave. In an excellent thread entitled “The Great 1930s Scheme”, there is some related material that was laid out in a thread specifically devoted to the Crumlin 30’s LA venture. Hope it’s of interest 🙂


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      Hello Dave, welcome to the site.

      Not sure if you have the deeds of the house or if you have access to them, but in my own case there was a surprising amount of detail enclosed relating to the initial purchase of what was originally a comercial site in the 1850’s, mapping its transition to residential etc.

      No doubt title deeds vary substantially in form & detail, but it might be worth checking.

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      Hi Dave, a good place to start might be Dublin, 1910-1940: Shaping the City & Suburbs by Ruth McManus. It seems to be in the Dublin City Council Library:

      Click Here

      Good luck with it.

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      Many thanks for that! The other thread on Crumlin is most interesting, tis only around the corner from me and they’re also houses that fascinate me. I always thought that it was a very bland, boring and common type or architecture that my main interest was in, but it seems from the other post on Crumlin that Im not the only mental who adores mass built council houses!

      I do agree that they are being ruined slowly, and If only I had the money I would buy that house in inchicore and preserve it as a 1930’s house, just as one would preserve a georgian house or a victorian house. The concept may seem very bizarre to many of the people living in these houses, and unfortunately, as a result, within the next 10 years there will probably none left in a remotely original state. That’s a very very sad thought.

      Many thanks for your help, and ill get browsing through the library for those books!

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