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      Rita Ochoa

      Hi everyone…

      I´m a portuguese architect whos moving to Dublin hopefully in the nexts months… my question here may seem a bit weird but im wondering if dublin architects usually meet for talking and dicuss problems or projects anywhere out of the “oficial places” like the institute or the RIAI… over here we “naturally” choosed some places that are now linked to “cultural pubs or cafés” if you can call it that…
      My problem is that, even after getting a job a joinning a team, I really dont know anyone else associated with architecture in Dublin…

      Tx for any aswer you may give,

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      I think you should join the AAI and trot along to their lectures, frequently this ends with a trip to a local bar. It would be a good way to meet people from different firms.

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      Rita Ochoa

      thanks for the reply… ill try to do that when i get there. I just have to improve my english to be abble to mantain a conversation…

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