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      Paul Clerkin

      What’s the status with this…

      I saw from 2004
      Ancient castle to check in as luxury hotel

      But from 2008
      DROMORE Castle is doomed.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Some real nice shots of it here

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      Wow, Paul that place is a blast from the past for me.

      Once got a lift from an elderly couple way back in the late 1970’s who had worked there. I recall them telling me that dampness was a major problem, thus making the castle unliveable. They gave the weeping limestone as the source of all its ills.

      Whoever restores it would want deep pockets . . . . . . . . . but even as a ruin it’s still an amazing castle.

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      Dromore Castle: How it came to be built

      Published Date: 23 December 2008

      By “Orjay”

      DROMORE Castle is doomed.

      The demolition squad have moved in, and in a short time another ruined castle will be added to the many thousands that cover our countryside. But there is this difference, the other castles were destroyed as a result of bloody conflict, this castle is being destroyed as a result of a departmental resolution.

      One of the principal reasons advanced for the destruction of Dromore is that it lacks a historical heritage. Thank God, human beings are not castles! And it lacks historical heritage they say because of its recent origin. There is a smug snobbery behind the words “recent origin.” Is nothing to be considered historical in this country unless it bears the savage imprint of Cromwell?

      In order to enable readers of the “Leader” to judge for themselves, here is an account of the building of the Castle and the people who built it. For of all the castles around, Limerick City people should be most interested in Dromore, because it was built solely out of the rents paid by their ancestors.

      Up to the middle of the last century, the residence of the Earls of Limerick was in Henry Street, Limerick, now occupied by St. Munchin’s College. They owned considerable property in the country along the line of the Shannon, and were about to erect an extensive shooting lodge near Dromore, Pallaskenry, when the second Earl died in 1866 and was succeeded by his grandson, William Hale John Charles Perry, Viscount Glenworth

      Paul, I have a suspicion that this Limerick Leader article was originally written in the 1950’s, the clue been St. Munchin’s College, it moved from Henry Street to Corbally in 1960.

      It would also tie in with the removal of the roofs in 1956 thus the second title “Dromore Castle is doomed”.

      They reprint old articles from time to time. I must have look around there next weekend.

      I also like the pragmatic reasoning by “Orjay”, almost socialist in thinking where . . . . .

      For of all the castles around, Limerick City people should be most interested in Dromore, because it was built solely out of the rents paid by their ancestors.

      Old Limerick Society Excursion to Dromore Castle 1946 (Limerick Museum)

      Print: Titled: Ireland and her Landowners 1879 (Limerick Museum)

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      I used to go swimming in Dromore Lake when I was younger. Lovely place to spend a warm Summer’s day. Crystal clear lake overlooked by an enchanting castle.

      Quite a difficult place to get to though, access is via a twisty local road off the N69. After that its around a 20 minute walk to Dromore Lake (and further to get to the castle itself!).

      Hopefully the castle will eventually be restored and brought back into use in some shape or form!

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