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      I saw what reminded this writer of the rabitt from Donnie Darko on O’connell street the other day. Made of bronze or someat? Cool work. Lightens up the heavy historical vibe in all the other scuplture/statues on the street. (Spire excluded)

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      Does bear a bit of resemblance alright 😀

      I’m still in two minds about Barry Flanagan’s stuff, it’s great fun, but doesn’t really have any connection to O’Connell Street. I don’t think all street art should have to ‘make sense’ – often being fun and thought-provoking are enough, but there’s something about the O’Connell Street installation, it just doesn’t gel for me…much like that ridiculous Hare and Dog statue that stood at the top of Grafton St. for not very long! :rolleyes:

      My mother had a particular objection to the one they put right outside the Garden of Remembrance…I can see her point.

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      I think they work pretty well. Some more than others. It would be nice to retain one (or more) of the best ones as a permenent feature. People can get quite attached to fun art like that and I think if it makes people smile, it doesn’t need to have any other or more profound relationship to its environment. When I’ve walked down O’Connell St recently, I saw that Dubliners and tourists alike seem to like them and they’re certainly generating a lot of interest. I’m not too sure about the quality of their construction though – doesn’t seem all that robust.

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      I suppose because they are temporary art installations…. there was more discussion on these in the OConnell Street thread

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