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      These flats are scheduled for demolition it would appear. Has anyone got any idea what is going to be constructed on the sites of these two projects.

      I can’t find anything on the corpo’s web-site, whatever it will be it couldn’t be worse than what’s there now, who in gods name got it into his head to build this heap on a Georgian street, he must have been influenced by Stalinist building projects that were built all over the Eastern bloc in the 60’s and 70’s.

      Would replicas of what used to be there work or would something else be more desirable.

      Would the people who built and designed these flats still be working at the corporation ??

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      Poor Dominick Street…probably one of the finest of Dublin’s Gerorgian streets in it heyday but one of its largest slums in the early 20thC which is why so many builidngs were torn down. It remains Dublin’s greatest tragedy that so many beautiful streetscapes were lost to the slums rather than adapted as apartments in the late 19th and early 20th C.Its funny as it had coloured how we live to such a great degree, most notably our love affair with suburbs.

      I havent seen whats being suggested for this area,,,, as usual DCC’s website fails dismally. I imagine a flavour of what will replace these flats can be seen on Upper Dominick Street where a new Council development was completed about 3 years ago. Its not particularly inspiring or attractive.

      The public domain along Dominick Street is a state as well. Narrow pavement when they could easily be wider. No trees, crap lighting….nothing to inspire its residents to feel in anyway positive about their area, Shame,

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