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      clare mc

      Hello All
      I Am Currently At Beginning Stages Of My Final Project Which Is To Re -design A Building Of My Choice .I Have Choosen Dollard House On Wellington Quay ,with Rear Entrance On Essex St Near Temple Bar.the Only Information On The History Of This Building I Have Been Able To Find Is The Year It Was Built And That It Was Formely The Printworks .
      If Anybody Knows Any Information On This Building Even If You Have A View On The Design Of This Building Or Images You Have Taken Please Reply As These Would Be Appreciated

      Thank You

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      I don’t have the info you require, I’m afraid.
      A couple of things, though:

      Is it just an interior remodelling? I’m pretty fond of the two elevations and would take some convincing on the merits of mucking about with them (I know it’s only hypothetical).

      Is it an ordeal to capitalise the initial letters of all of the words in your posts? This isn’t a dig- I’m serious about the question. Many people on message boards use only lower case, which I’ve got used to over time, but your writing style is most arresting (here and in your CAD thread). Perhaps you’re German?;) Or typing on some kind of net-savvy mobile phone with a default setting?

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      Don’t you touch that building clare mc! Lay so much as a finger in it now and… 🙂

      One of my favourites in the city – it’s got a wonderfully confident proud air to it, with its marching dormers and strong chimneys making a powerful statement.
      It’s a design well-suited to the quays, built to be noticed and in a way intended to very much so improve the quality of design along the Liffey. A pity it didn’t work out that way.

      It’s remincent of many continental quayside/waterfront buildings – tall, confident, elegant, with windows that both capture a view as well as create one. A fine building.

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      There’s a great late-19th/early-20th cen. bird’s eye print of it reproduced in The Heart of Dublin by Peter Pearson. Shows the surrounding streetscape as well.

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      clare mc

      Of course i understand that its a protected structure and i cannot change external elements i am just dealing with the internal re-design would be very interested in having a look at that book .
      thanks .this will help with my site annaysis of the areas amenities in order to determine if it could be irelands next film centre .I understand that there is already one in temple bar but i wanted to use a larger building to create a better film experience for festivals that has the street appeal along the quays as well as being in temple bar
      Any more help would be appreciated

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      Perhaps the company occupying the building might be able to help. I haven’t passed by that way in a while, but one of the occupants used to be a solicitors firm called Beauchamps (formerly Hickey Beauchamp Kirwan and O’Reilly). I don’t know if they are still there now, but they were in the building for quite a long time and might have some useful information.

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      If you try Padraig Murray of CMB Design, architects, tel 01 6799300, he may be able to help you. He’s not in today, wait till Monday pm.

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      Andrew Duffy

      When I read that permission was being sought to extend the Clarence I thought it must have been into this building. The extension is actually going into the houses the other side, or more accurately their back gardens.

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      Are you sure it’s not going to incorporate the houses (or rather their entire sites)? From memory, there’s a funny white three-storey house with a ground floor garage and office/storage upper floors, and a redbrick house with a cafe on the gf, and I think the owner lives/lived in the upper floors. I heard he got a pretty penny from the Clarence, but it’s a shame to see one of the few living-over-the-shop houses biting the dust (though if I were in his position with a big fat cheque dangling in front of my nose…).

      Clare- not sure from your post if you’re aware, but the interiors of protected structures are protected too (unless specifically excluded by declaration or in the RPS). A minor detail in the context of your project, but important in the wider game.

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      clare mc

      ok thank you thats useful information

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      clare mc

      if anybody has history of this building ,images or map this would really help thank u

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      Paul Clerkin

      visit the Architecture Archive in Merrion Square

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      judging by the malton prints i have seen is dollard house on the site of the old customs house? …does nayone know anything abou thi building and what happened to it thanks?

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      Hi Clare,

      I recently came across your post when searching for information on Dollard’s myself.
      I am 4TH year student searching for a building with similar interests as what sounds like your self. I was wondering if you could be as kind to pass on any information you found about the building? and did you find any plans for the building?
      kind regards,

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      You will find a detailed history of the whole site attached to the Foster + Partners application for the Clarence, on file with Dublin City Council

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      This is the reference for the Dollard study

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