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      Not quite sure this is the place to post this but I’ll try.

      Piece of marshy land next door, recently sold and people expected a house or two might be built. Last week a large entrance was broken into the field and a few rumours about car racing, laughed off by most people who thought it was draining.

      People got a little surprise this morning:

      One of those vehicles being rented out for €50 for 20 minutes. Just a start of what is to come and the owner claiming he’ll “flight it”.

      x) Don’t you need planning permission to break a new entrance from a road into a piece of land, especially if it is not for agricultural purposes.
      x) Surely you need some kind of permission to use agriculture land for the above?
      x) Renting out racing vehicles, there must be some kind of safety legislation/inspections before you can even start.

      Any ideas?

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      the first thing to consider would be insurance and safety. if it isn’t a limitd company they probably couldn’t run something like that legally. contact a garda in the area and ask if they have knowledge of this going on.

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      You need planning permission to set up a golf course, same principle. I would have thought the local authority would also be interested in rates.

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      It is a material change of use and as such requires PP. I should imagine you could get this shut down on any number of grounds…

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