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      Any views on whether a commencement notice is required to demolish a house

      – planning is granted to demolish house and build new one
      – want to start dem’s now , new build later

      from SI 496 1997 – notice is required for

      (a) the erection of a building,
      (b) the material alteration or extension of a building,
      (c) a material change of use of a building,

      now you may think demolition is a pretty material alteration but material alteration
      is defined in this SI as

      “an alteration (other than a
      repair or renewal), where the work, or any part of the work,
      carried out by itself would be subject to a requirement of
      Part A or B of the Second Schedule to the Building

      So I deduce a commencement notice , by ommision , is not required

      any one got any views ?

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      Well I know that demolition is considered a form of development in the eyes of the PDA 2000, but I don’t have chapter and verse to hand, I’m afraid.

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