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      I had great fun as usual on Friday wandering around a transformed city centre. The buzz around Culture Night this year was huge…perhaps down to social media.

      In the event I got a chance to see inside the City Assembly House on South William Street…and took a nostalgic walk through the now bare rooms that once housed a cramped and chaotic (and probably rubbish) Civic Museum. The inside is fantastic and the best of luck to IGS as they renovate and restore this great space.

      Another little treat for me was the Unitarian Church in St Stephen’s Green – had never been there (possibly because I avoid my friend’s weddings!).

      Anyone else have any highlights?

      The next big treat for us archiseekers is Open House 2012. The programme is out and bookings for events starts today.

      As the tagline goes… “what will you see”

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      everything seems to be booked out already, just a day after bookings opened. What’s the story?

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      I’ve stopped trying to see anything specific on Culture Night, this year I just walked around town and took in the atmosphere.

      There were a couple of things I’d have been mildly interested in seeing in Open House yesterday and today, but they were all ‘pre-book only’ and that just takes all the spontaneity out of it.

      For what it’s worth, I think they should bring back the ‘Open House Debate’ on the Thursday before Open House weekend, that always got me in the mood for Open House itself and without it, I just can’t get in the mood.

      If there was anyone [not struck down by lethargy] who got out and saw anything interesting, they could always post their observations while we’re waiting on Stephen’s report.

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      I didnt go! First year that I missed out! I am opting for Open House Limerick this year however. A great chance to explore a city that I know next to nothing about.

      I agree about the Open House Debate. As it turns out there was a debate attached to OHD on the topic of our much-admired but under-valued Georgian squares. Merrion vs Mountjoy. I heard that it went very well. A really interesting night in the unusual location of Green Street Court House.

      Great buzz around all these types of events at the moment, a sign of the times no doubt but maybe a realisation that there’s so much out there to enjoy in our grey and damp city.

      Anyone take in the Built Dublin tours with Lisa Cassidy…they looked great. Also Ciaran Cuffe chasing down those lost buildings of Dublin. I notice this year there wasn’t a tour of Cork Street…could it be because it is half derelict again?

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