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      Since June 2006 my parents have been under threat of CPO of their home and one third of an acre of land. They have been given 4 dates, 3 of which have passed. After 2 years of looking for a home they have found one and when they asked the NRA to honour an offer made in writing they were told the property will not be bought until 2010 as the NRA has no budget at this time. My father is 84, my mother 78 and their lives are miserable since June 06. The NRA do not reply to our solicitor and any information we have got was through persistant phones calls.

      The house is semi detached and their neighbour was bought out earlier this year. The house is now used for parties which cause my parents great concern, the noise goes on late into the night. They are also concerned a fire may be lit as the weather gets colder and they might get burned out!

      The exit from their home onto the N25 is deadly dangerous due to road works done to facilitate Amgen. The road engineer did respond to my concerns and has put up bollards to give them some protection getting onto the road.

      Even though the offer was below what they would have expected the family decided the impact of this ongoing situation on my parents is so detrimental they should accept the offer. Can anyone suggest how we could get the NRA to end the stress?

      Thank you.

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      Have you contacted your local councillors and TDs yet?

      Your TDs are

      Michael Ahern
      Ned O’Keeffe
      David Stanton
      Sean Sherlock

      And your councillors are

      Michael Hegarty
      John Mulvihill
      Noel Collins
      Maurice Ahern
      Martin Hallinan
      Barbara Murray

      You may as well get in contact with all of them, but I’d most highly recommend going to David Stanton. He’s Midleton based, so is fairly local to you and has always come across a good local TD. You should be able to get details of the clinics and constituency offices for them online.

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      Thank you Jungle
      I have been asking Michael Ahern for assistance since Dec 2006, David Stanton is also aware of the Predicament. Sean sherlock did not return my phone call.

      I have emailed the Ministers of Environment and Transport, the Taoiseach, Brian Crowley. The Minister for Justice and Equality has passed on my email otherwise I got no rely.

      I have also contacted the Ombudsman.

      I spoke to one of the councillors in the first year and she seemed not to have any idea what was going on. So I gave uo but I will now contact each of them.
      Thank you again.

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      I don’t wish to make light of your elderly parents predicament but you should contact the Minister that stood in front of every available camera and promised that Amgen and all the associated benefits would be coming to Cork days before the last General Election.

      I am sure a person of principle such as he is would be happy to donate a month of his pension to pay for the CPO?

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      Dear Kite

      The same Minister did return my phone call at that time and said he had met with Amgen and the IDA 4 days previously and Amgen told him the project was going ahead. He told me he had “to take them at their word”.

      Maybe I should contact him again.

      Thank you for your reply.

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      I’d say that your best bet is Joe Duffy unfortunately.

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      David Stanton is excellent, he always replies. Get onto him.

      Get onto the NRA too and bitch to them to start the Carrigtwohill – Midleton upgrade 😀

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      go public and contact all the media you can think of, Senator Shane Ross, who appears to have the innate ability to piss off all those in the “system” did a brilliant article recently, where he managed to find out eventually that all bar one of the directors of the NRA are ordinary joes who arent remotely qualified to run that sort of commpany, its all political appointments, politicians friends and relatives, I would also bang a letter/email off to him, nothing might come of it but these people tend to get annoyed when their names are constantly brought up in public that they did nothing to help

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      Thank you Steady, Chris and Pug. David Stanton has replied and I will be speaking to him later. Of all the local politicians he is the only reply so far………..
      The Ombudsman has informed me the NRA has a Regulatory Manager who deals with those who have concerns, I will be contacting him today, it should be interesting.
      The Media may well be the only way to progress.
      Thank you again.

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