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      I returned to Ireland after several years in Australia to be told that construction costs have plummeted to mid/late 1980s rates, with blocklayers charging as little as 50c a block and tilers 5 euro per sq yard. This sounds exceptionally low. I’ve also been told that a 3000 sq ft house can be built direct labour for as little as 100k euro which works out at a touch over 30 euro per sq ft. This would involve sourcing material from over the board and going direct labour.

      Does anyone have any recent experience of building in this way? Is it really achievable?

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      One thing that hasn’t changed in Ireland is the tendency to exaggerate in storytelling.
      Big-time — Fionn Mac Cumhall style.

      No way could a 3,000 sq ft be got from proper tradesmen at €100,000.
      Nor a 2,000 sq ft one either, unless you’re doing all presses, fittings, etc and decorating yourself.

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      The danger is that one hears about this through third parties who never admit the real cost of anything. Rarely do customers and owners convey what they actually paid for things. Wages are down especially for operatives working for unscrupulous builders. Materials and energy has gone up due to large amount of imports. The bigger problem is below cost selling by lots of people in the industry contractors and architects. While an architect going out of business is traumatic it is more so for contractors if the client is stuck with an unfinished building. There have been stories where contractors have priced up to 25% below cost only to go bankrupt ½ way through or worse emigrate leaving workers and suppliers out of pocket. In addition if VAT etc is not paid it could leave the client vulnerable for such costs with revenue. Costs are down but not to 1980 levels and in light of the above tread carefully.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Someone bending your ear about moving back home and building a house? 😉

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      bending my own ear, tbh. we have a potential site and if we could build without a mortgage it would be a major advantage considering the struggle to find consistent work over there at the moment.

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