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      Archiseek credits Edward Parke as the architect of the Commercial Buildings, Dame Street (now more or less disappeared into the Central Bank). On the other hand Vincent Waldré (Vincenzo Valdrè) exhibited an elevation of the buildings at the Society of Artists in 1800 (see the Works section of his CV on the website). Has this contradiction been resolved?
      Brian Lynch

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      I’ve seen a proposed elevation of the Commercial Buildings with an additional storey.

      A four storey Commercial Buildings would have been impressive, or odd, depending on your point of view given that, at three stories, it was already taller than the adjoining WSC terraces.

      I can’t remember if the drawing was attributed.

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        Gunter, Very interesting. Can you remember where you saw the elevation of the Commercial Buildings?

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      Just to be clear on this, W, I haven’t simply . . . forgotten . . . where I saw this proposal for the Commercial Buildings on Dame Street, I have consciously wiped that information from my mind. This is the only mechanism I have for dealing with the Wide Streets Commissioners and all their evil works.

      Nevertheless, I can tell you that the W.S.C. archives are housed in the Gilbert Library on Pearse Street, and undoubtedly it was in that repository that I unwittingly encountered the relevant parchment.

      I just checked the DCC/Gilbert web site and it doesn’t appear to be one of the items they’ve digitized yet for disseminated.

      All I can suggest is that you don’t make eye contact with the ladies who guard the collection and you bring enough garlic and holy water.

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      I have seen Parke referenced as the architect in books as far back as the 1830s.

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