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      Ciaran Cuffe

      A Civic Forum on Climate Change will be held in the Round Room, Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 at 8pm, Monday 5th December 2005

      The Forum will addressed by scientific, civic, economic and political leaders and have a live link to Paul Cunningham at United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada.

      Members of the public are welcome to attend

      The Forum will chaired by Chair: Olivia O’ Leary

      Speakers who will address the Forum include:
      Mary Kelly – Environmental Protection Agency,
      John Sweeney – National University of Ireland Maynooth
      Daniel McCoy – Irish Business and Employers Federation
      Eddie O’Connor – Airtricity,
      Gerry McGaughey – Century Homes
      Henk Van Der Kamp -Dublin Institute of Technology
      Political Party representatives

      More Info: http://www.ClimateChangeIreland.Org

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      Political parties, like what political parties??????

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      Ciaran Cuffe

      Eamon Gilmore TD, Labour Party Environment Spokesperson, Ciaran CuffeTD Green Environment Spokesperson, Arthur Morgan TD Sinn Fein Environment Spokesperson, Awaiting Confirmation of Fine Gael Spokesperson, and Dick Roche, Minister for the Environment appears to have declined offer, not suprisng if you read his views here

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      How did this go? Did any Fianna F*ckers turn up?

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      Maybe Ivor C.? Even if only to say that turning up would be an admission of wrongdoing, but as no wrong was done there was no need for them to show?

      (Fish in a barrel, I know I know.)

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      No FFers turned up. The only FG person was a Dublin City Councillor who admitted his views in the party are not mainstream. Quite depressing really. The contributions from Eamonn Gilmore (Lab) and Catherine Murphy (Ind Kildare North) were particularly good although would Eamonn walk the walk if he was Environmnet Minister after the general election.

      On the other side there were a number of presentations from academics. John Sweeney’s gave a startling overview of just how things will change over the next 50 years. Dr Mary Kelly of the EPA gave, in my view, an appalling prersentation. Just a collection of anodyne facts that her secretary probably compiled, a lack of knowledge on key points such as how much emissions we produced in 2004 (still dont know Dec 2005), what factors are causing them to fluctuate etc. Very poor and makes you wonder at her competency…but then she was a Martin Cullen appointee.

      At one point the debate was highjacked by lobbyists from the cement/bricks/construction industry telling us how environmentally friendly they actually were. As if they havent had enough opportunity to put their case forward at Ballybrit each August. All in all not much of a Civic Forum (though well attended) more the usual suspects caring and sharing.

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