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      Given the season that’s in it, might as well put up some festive images from around Dublin (a lot :o). Lots of striking new additions, but it’s still the old favourites that win out ๐Ÿ™‚

      Bank of Ireland, College Green.

      St. Stephen’s Green Centre.

      …and its annual interior extravaganza:

      The Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street.

      National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street.

      Powerscourt Centre, Claredon Street.

      Powerscourt House, South William Street.

      …and its stunning stairwell:

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      York Street Flats, York Street ๐Ÿ™‚

      GPO Arcade, Henry Street/Princes Street.

      Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, City Quay. A Dublin Christmas favourite.

      Saloon Window, Provost’s House, Grafton Street.
      Candles have been lit in all the upstairs windows – a lovely touch.

      Grafton Street: the finest Christmas decorations in Ireland:

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      The Burlington Hotel, Upper Leeson Street.

      Henry Street. The new lights look great, a worthy investment. Little blue lights flicker in them the odd time, really bringing them to life.

      Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street.

      Christmas Village, Wolfe Tone Park.

      Royal College of Surgeons, St. Stephen’s Green West.


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      …and a more modest attempt on Moore Street ๐Ÿ˜€

      The Westbury Hotel, Harry Street. True to form in the vulgarity stakes.

      Plaza Lime Trees, O’Connell Street.

      They look much better this year as the lights have just been roughly passed through the branches this time. Still rather faint though, and double the amount of lights is needed for a spectacular display.

      Dublin City Christmas Tree, O’Connell Street.
      It is a 20m Norway Spruce grown in Athy Co. Kildare, and is c.56 years old.

      North Earl Street. Some of the last remaining aul ones: good to see they’re still with us. Nice and simple.

      Clerys Department Store, O’Connell Street. The trees are very disappointing this year, in number, scale and lighting – and turn off those floods!

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      Johnson’s Court. These are new this year and look stunning.

      Brown Thomas, Grafton Street. The ever-decadent Christmas windows.

      Georgian House, St. Stephen’s Green North. A well-known balcony.

      Ardilaun Centre, St. Stephen’s Green West. Eircom do this every year now.

      Wiers, Grafton Street. Very disappointing this year – the traditional line of bright white lights running around the shopfront and magnificent display of trees and lights mounted round the building have been ditched this year. Nothing but a few pathetic gels on what are permanent uplighters : (

      Bank of Scotland, St. Stephen’s Green West.

      Finally an icy Fusilier’s Arch, St. Stephen’s Green. If only it was snowing…

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      Thanks Graham!

      Some excellent lights about alright. City Quay is still my personal favorite. Johnsonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Court looks wonderful – similar was done on curved street. Maybe still is. I must get into town!

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      Were you using a tripod for these or are you just off the booze these days?

      The Henery Street lights work very well with the lamp posts.

      That last shot is very nice too ๐Ÿ™‚

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      It’s bad enough getting through the streets without a tripod to carry, so no stand; rather I used equipment kindly supplied by DCC, namely bollards, lampposts, litter bins that really have to be smelled to be believed, and the odd 18th century wall ๐Ÿ™‚

      Curved Street’s lights are up all year round and can look good, but they could do with a bit of work at this stage….

      On a few negatives, the lovely clear lights on the trees on College St were removed two years ago when the branches were ‘trimmed’, and have not been replaced – they used to look great. The College Green trees could do with some too, give them a purpose for once, as well as those on what is an exceptionally dark Westmoreland St.

      Also the simple strings of lights on South Anne Street are missing this year, and a few other side streets don’t seem to have been bothered with either.

      As for the three main trees bought by the CC for Grafton St and O’Connell St – again disappointingly poor.
      The southern Grafton St tree at the Green end is the worst public Christmas tree I have ever seen – it is nothing but a giant weed. The notion that the CC actually paid someone for this is nothing short of embarrassing:

      …and they know it, as it was dumped down at the southern end, while the more important College Green entrance got a decent tall slender specimen:

      …though as can be seen, a large chunck of its (poorly strung) lights aren’t working.
      The O’Connell St tree, in spite of being very large, looked half dead from the moment it went up. Last year’s was much nicer.
      And as for those panto cast-offs of base hoardings they’ve been using since the 70s :rolleyes:

      I’d love to know how New York gets its lights like this – indeed even London’s lighting is as crappy as here, our trees bound in strings of lights like a roast joint.

      Still, in spite of these faults (not forgetting the clumsy absence of lights on the centre limes on O’Cll St too), the amount of effort that goes into this every year on the part of DCC and traders has to be acknowledged. Every single one of the 30-40 lighting units on Henry St has to be mounted and connected by hand, every one of the c.20 Grafton St suspensions is erected, repaired in situ, and wired by specialist contractors, and every package of multiple sets of lights in each of the O’Connell St lime trees have to be put in and taken out every year – what a headache.
      Not to mention the countless other streets.

      Likewise the Christmas trees, seemingly the sole responsibility of the City Council, take a heck of a lot of effort to get up and running (!):

      Maintenance is also superb; you’ll note there isn’t a single non-operational bulb or unit on Henry Street, every one of the Plaza limes is operational, all streets have working units, and when a section fails it’s usually fixed within 2 days, often hours, having experienced these crews at work so many times over the years.
      It seems the CC take over maintenance once the lights are erected – indeed their crew was even doing the rounds when some pics were taken, no doubt heading for the blown Grafton St unit in one image.
      All effort that goes without praise or even notice by most people, and ought to be acknowledged.

      Still, the old favourites die hard, and as of last summer Christmas in Dublin will never quite be the same again. There’s over fifty empty chairs at the dinner table this year…

      They were magic ๐Ÿ™

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      Beautiful photographs. Well done.
      A happy Christmas to you

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      @lawyer wrote:

      Beautiful photographs. Well done.
      A happy Christmas to you

      I agree. Those pictures are great.

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      Very Nice of Light Works ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Many good photos, much appreciated. The prize for the worst christmas lights must go to the outside of the new Dundrum Shopping Centre. Blue uninspiring lights with eye piercing lights flashes. Trying too hard to be slick and missing the point entirely.

      The photos of Bruxelles sums it up. Lights up the whole street and gives a warm glow.

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      I think this thread needs to be given an airing again given the season that’s in it, in case there’s anyone on the board who hasn’t seen it. Some wonderful photos and great commentary. Thanks very much GrahamH.

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      I actually looked at every photo not realising it was from last Christmas. I even read my own post thinking “what a cheeky bastard, after all Graham’s hard work”.. then the penny dropped ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      Thanks Graham ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Just few more pictures from 2006 for what it’s worth. (apologies for lack of tripod)

      The St. Stephen’s Green Centre have gone all blue this year; a fleeting change in taste by management that causes a quarter of a million bulbs to be ditched…

      Wicklow Street.

      Note Weirs have no Chrstmas trees up again this year ๐Ÿ™

      Across the road, the former Brown Thomas facade is illuminated in candy pink by its current premises’ facade lighting opposite.

      The tree at the southern end of Grafton Street is a fantastic improvement on last year’s.

      A wonderful touch by the City Council has been the planting of holly in all the planters along the Boardwalk – a lovely seasonal touch that looks great in the morning sun.

      A great idea – just a pity it couldn’t have been extended to the planters on O’Connell Bridge.

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      Thanks for those Graham. This might be of interest:

      @Irish Times, 21st December 2006 wrote:

      Retailers refusing to pay for Christmas lights
      John Downes

      Some of Dublin’s best-known retail streets, including Grafton Street and Henry Street, could be without traditional Christmas lights within the next five years because certain traders are refusing to pay for them, according to a city centre traders association.

      Tom Coffey, of the Dublin City Business Association (DCBA), said in general about 70-80 per cent of traders were happy to pay average costs of between รขโ€šยฌ400 and รขโ€šยฌ2,000, depending on the size of the store, to provide the lights.

      Increasingly, however, others are refusing to pay for storing, installing and removing the lights, which are organised by volunteers from each street. If the trend continued, Mr Coffey claimed, the tradition could die out due to lack of sufficient funds.

      The business association plans to make a list available to the public of all those businesses on each street who have paid for the lights and those who have not.

      Mr Coffey said many of the worst “culprits” were the large British multiples, which he claimed appeared to have no interest in promoting the Christmas tradition.

      David Brennan, owner of O’Reilly jewellers, who organises Christmas lights on behalf of traders on Wicklow Street, said the issue was a significant concern. Streets such as South Great George’s Street and Exchequer Street had no lights this year, Mr Brennan added.

      One woman who had heard of the situation had insisted on making a donation of รขโ€šยฌ250 towards the cost of the lights on Wicklow Street, he added.

      ร‚ยฉ 2006 The Irish Times

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      maybe slightly(completly)of topic but im looking for a good new camera and after seeing yet more great pics from GrahamH on this thread i have to ask you what type of camera that is,could you give me any pointers what to look for?

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      Tom Coffey has my sympathy it is hard enough dealing with some UK retailers even with a well drafted lease to protect you; take away the obligation to pay and many literally wouldn’t spend Christmas it appears.

      I think that DCC should collaborate with DCBA to produce an adevertising publication and only list those who contribute to boththe publication and the lights, it is a competitive market out there but strip out the lights and the City loses atmosphere.

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      Interesting article, though hardly surprising. Even before the multiples were mentioned, it registered instantly which businesses weren’t coughing up. I suspect some of the mobile shops are similar, or indeed other businesses with no local connection. The fall in funds could be an explanation for the uncoordinated mess of Grafton Street’s decorations this year – much worse than I expected. The red bulbs have been lazily replaced in their entirety on some units with white lights, and liberally scattered on others. It’s very odd considering a substantial investment was made at least twice in recent years, which improved them considerably. Such a shame to see these fine, dinstinctive decorations slowly go down the tubes ๐Ÿ™
      The absence of the tackorama spectacular on South Great George’s Street was also notable this year.

      Depends on what you want to use your camera for really, archipimp. A powerful zoom lens can make all the difference to architectural photography, but the resulting bulky size in camera can be a bit much for casual occasions. And at least an element of manual control is highly desirable. In that respect, there’s a great mid-range of cameras out there if you don’t want to go the whole way – ‘semi-SLRs’ as it were with decent x12 lenses, high resolutions and decent colour fidelity etc. The above camera is in the Panasonic Lumix range – and just about fits into a coat pocket with a bit of a squeeze ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      thanks Graham thats a great help, im looking for a camera to take pictures of streetscapes and to capture images at night to full effect without it turning into just black with blurs.size isnt a great issue but i supose its important to fit in my pocket in case i go on a recon mission to the docklands!

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      Alek Smart

      Just to echo The praise for DCC`s Parks Dept.
      This section of DCC is Head and Shoulders above any other department and consistently does the City Proud in its Field (!!)
      Given that it is usually well down the list of runners and riders in the funding stakes it really does make it`s budget stretch a long way.
      Well done to the Parks Dept !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Christmas 2007

      So another year has passed, and time once again for the annual wander around the winter wonderland *cough* that is Dublin city centre at Christmas. As already mentioned a few weeks ago, the big news this year is Grafton Street’s spectacular new lighting scheme. North Earl Street traders have also invested to elegant effect.

      Grafton Street

      Central Bank, Dame Street

      Q Bar, Burgh Quay

      General Post Office, O’Connell Street

      Jervis Shopping Centre, Mary Street/Jervis Street

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      Messrs Maguire, Burgh Quay

      Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Kildare Street

      North Earl Street. Stunning new lighting this year – excellent choice.

      Citi Bar, Dame Street

      Brown Thomas, Grafton Street

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      Habitat, College Green. Half-hearted…

      North Great George’s Street. After last year’s funding fiasco, a decent, whimsical investment was made this year.

      Plaza, O’Connell Street

      Bank of Ireland, College Green

      Happy Christmas everyone!

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      Grafton St looks fantastic.

      Central Bank must be having a laugh.

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      A typically prosaic civil servant approach alright ๐Ÿ˜€
      Ah the ropelights are kinda cool though when you see the full pair of trees. ‘Different’.

      Just a couple of stickies regarding Grafton Street. While the new scheme is very impressive – apparently by a French lighting company – and the concept an excellent one, in execution it is somewhat clunky.

      As a collective, the scheme works very well, but individually the suspensions are rather cumbersome and lacking in the finesse one would expect of such a professional arrangement. The reality of industrial tubular panels covered in a mesh of lights is very apparent, not least as they relate poorly at the join to their host buildings, and especially to the chandeliers in the centre. The latter in particular ought to have been better resolved – perhaps having the panels rising above and across the chandelier and have it suspended from that. As is, the panels – also often at rather skewed angles – are just too mechanically ‘obvious’.

      Also such a shame that the chandeliers are so stunningly beautiful yet farcially finished off with cartoon-like plastic candles of ridculous proportion and illumination.

      For an enormously expensive scheme of such pretension and ambition, it’s really quite shocking that this detail was allowed through the net (pun unintended). There is little question that these could and should have been better designed. Especially given the decorations as a whole look quite appalling during the day – of course that’s the nature of modern decorative lighting – but decent candles would at least give better form to the units during daylight hours. The gold baubles are a lovely touch.

      But overall, an exceptional investment. It’s a scheme of international standard (not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing!), that does justice to such a massively trafficked thoroughfare. Impressive the DCBA went to such lengths to bring something decent back home, so top marks on that front.

      Some pics to follow of the white elephant that is Docklands at Christmas btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Great work again, Graham.

      One quick correction: It’s South Great George’s Street rather than North GGS.

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      Take a look at the O’Connell Street tree though! It practically dead already

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      Ah – this thread again. What a real pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      @StephenC wrote:

      Take a look at the O’Connell Street tree though! It practically dead already

      It was hit by a truck not long after being put up though, wasn’t it?
      Not sure how much of an effect it had, but i’m guessing ‘some’

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      I’m delighted with the effort put in this year… though the collective climaxing over the lights on Grafton st caught me a little by suprise. It’s nice. I know it’s by the people who light the Eiffel Tower but the similarities end there! (btw, when are they lighting the Poolbeg Chimneys).

      Personally, I think Henry St, North Earl St, Talbot St has the southside licked. Less garish and more classy than the electric boudoir of our main shopping thoroughfare :p And Johnson’s Court wins hands down. It’s so cozy to have the strings of simple lights just a few feet above the head. I love taking shortcuts that way to the DART nowadays.
      Oh, and as a recent patron of Messrs… it’s as nice inside with those lights.

      But where are the christmas lights on the cranes this year? Is it just me or are there less?

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      Alek Smart

      Not wishing to Bah Humbug to excess,I must pose the question,why has DCC decided to cast Nassau St into a cavern of blackness…?

      The stretch between Grafton and Dawson Street has been sans lumiere for some months now which effectively imposes a blackout after the shops close….this is in addition to the very poor general level of public lighting along Nassau St proper which depends totally on units placed high along the building side only…..:confused:

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      Very true Alek, as with Westmoreland Street, Kildare Street and various other parts of the city centre. At least we’re compensating for some of the, um, excesses below…

      A few more twinkly pictures of the city at night. Have to say I find it faintly obscene that entire stretches of the city centre are devoid of Christmas lighting – and those parts that are, relatively few being of a decent quality – whilst the Docklands is burning away tens of thousands of euro, not to mention kilowatts of electricity, for the sake of an as yet handful of residents and passers-by. Nonetheless, these lights have set a new standard for festive lighting in Ireland, and are a welcome development.
      Why O’Connell Street, even just the Plaza, is not of this quality is utterly beyond me.

      Grand Canal Dock

      Great views from Alto Vetro.

      Grand Canal Dock from Pearse Street

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      Grand Canal Dock

      Office Building, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

      Custom House from Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

      City Quay

      Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, City Quay

      Dublin Castle

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      I think Dublin Castle needs a fuller tree, that one looks bare at the top ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Great photos Graham, cheers

      I suspect some of the Corporates down in Grand Canal Dock may have contributed towards the lighting either directly or indirectly. City quay looks excellent, I can see it from the office canteen, many others in the company I work for have commented likewise.

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      @THE_Chris wrote:

      I think Dublin Castle needs a fuller tree, that one looks bare at the top ๐Ÿ˜€

      Probably because the Castle’s most famous current patron has been climbing up and down it so much in recent times:)

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      Alek Smart

      Quality Images from GrahamH.

      I would concur that the cost/benefit of the “Docklands” lighting is open to scrutiny,however it would require several sets of Fingerless Gloves and a Top Hat along with a big bag of Bah Humbug`s to do this attitude justice. Full Marks to all those who devised and installed the lighting ๐Ÿ™‚

      However,what concerns me still about the greater Docklands scheme is the all to visible stalling of the Irish property and development sector in general.

      My great fear is that when the current tranche of office AND resedential development finishes we will see it lying fallow for the want of interested parties with enough stimulus to actually purchase/rent units in it.

      If the current stuff does not shift,then many developers could start measuring the length of their fingers as they look for the longest one on which to place future development plans.

      As I see it Dublin City Council and the Docklands Development Authority really do need to look at a re-launch of the original Concept for the area as I sense quite a decrease in its profile and desirability in the Greater Dublin a nutshell it`s beginning to look horribly low-rent in many area`s where the exact opposite picture is required ๐Ÿ™

      I feel it nearing make or break time for the Docklands concept,lets just hope we have somebody who does “Concepts” on board these days ?? :confused:

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      These are a bit away from the Bray

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      .and why they are not showing up like all the rest-being an incomputerate idiot-I do not know.

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      A nice diversion from, well everything else really.

      Lights going up a little earlier this year, it seems many streets will have new lighting schemes following on from the new installation on Grafton Street last year …

      & O’Connell Street gets a pretty spectacular new Christmas Tree, installation to start either today at 1pm, or tomorow, can’t quite remember.

      60ft hight, near 100,000 LED bulbs ๐Ÿ™‚

      Official switch on, November 9th.

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      What are we doing, switching on the lights so early? ๐Ÿ™

      @The Irish Times wrote:

      Christmas lights switched on in Dublin

      Christmas came early to a wet and miserable Dublin tonight when the Lord Mayor Eibhlin Byrne switched on 100,000 lights on a 15 meter high Christmas tree on O’Connell Street.

      The tree is the centre piece of the city’s street lighting for Christmas and is the tallest ever erected in Ireland. The 100,000 LED lights surround 99 glass spheres of varying sizes

      The energy efficient tree was designed by Blanchere, a French firm, who also created the lighting for the Eiffel Tower.

      There will also be new lights in Henry St/Mary St, South Anne Street, St Andrew St., Trinity Street, North Earl Street, Talbot St and South Great Georges St. Their design was chosen by the businesses in each street to suit the character of their respective areas.

      Commenting on the lights, Ms Byrne invited people to come into the city and experience them first-hand.

      “Whether you want to enjoy a simple walk through the city, a coffee or serious shopping I believe that Dublin has something for all of us.

      Most of all take the time to savour the magic of the city and keep old traditions like “coming to town to see the lights” alive for a new generation.”

      ร‚ยฉ 2008

      A tradition emerged in Ballsbridge over the last 30 years or so, whereby it was customary for visitors to Funderland to smash all the local bus shelters on the first day that the funfair opened.

      As far as I’m aware, most of the bus shelters in the area are now made of some sort of plastic, so observance of this time-honoured ritual is now more problematic.

      With a glass tree now in place in the centre of town, does anyone know what safeguards are in place to ensure that this pagan practice does not move to a pre-christmas date on our main street?

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      Oh Christmas Tree (Neville Gawley) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      Limerick City Council has found a unique spot for this yearรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs tree.

      There wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt too many light-bulbs been nicked from it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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