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      2 line metro for Dublin by 2009 at this price? somehow I don’t think so :rolleyes:
      Proposal for a new metro in Málaga accepted

      The first two lines of the new metro of Málaga (Spain) will be constructed in a period of 40 months with a budget of € 342.8 million, € 403.7 million including the rolling stock, and will be operational by February 2009. The consortium that won the project will exploit the metro for a period of 35 years. The metro will serve an area of more than 200.000 inhabitants.

      The winning proposal for the metro of Málaga involves innovative characteristics including emergency exits between stations, water pumping measures and anti-flow measures in the stations and emergency exits, temperature regulation of stations though the underground water, and energy recovery measures from the breaking of vehicles and photovoltaic panels in the garages.

      A total of 15 vehicles will be running on the metro of Málaga (7 in Line 1, 6 in Line 2 and 2 more in reserve), and the number will go up to 30 vehicles at the end of the exploitation period. The vehicles will be of 32 m. long and will be of low floor, facilitating the access. They will run at a maximum of 70 Km/h speed, allowing 17 min. and 15 min. time-frames to run Line 1 and Line 2 respectively, and responding to the demand of more than 17 million passengers per year at the beginning of the service and of 21 millions at the 10th year of the operational period. The two lines will have a common part, in the city centre, where the frequency will be of 3 minutes at peak hours.

      The network, that will have a Y shape, will provide access to the main public services and equipments that generate greatest transport demand, including the university campus, hospitals, the future “Ciudad de la Justicia”, bus and train stations, the port and the “Palacio de Deportes”.

      The network will have a total 13,609 metres and will be connected to the commuter train lines.

      Source: Vía Libre.

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      Date Posted: Initiatives Around Europe

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