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      Just to point out first, I do not, nor ever have worked for Chapters, or have any interest, financial or otherwise in the comapany 🙂

      Anyway people might like to know that there’s some fantastic deals on some of the most popular architectural publications recently relating to older buildings in Ireland, available at the moment in Chapters as part of their sale.
      I was in there today and many books have been reduced to nothing, including:

      Building for Government (just fantastic), big hardback for just €11.99 (usually around €40)

      The National Concert Hall, a History – (again great), hardback for an unbelievable €4.99 (usually €30-35)

      Irish Georgian – soft back, don’t think it’s available in hardback (and one of my favourite books ever) €9.99

      The Big House in Ireland – big hardback for €9.99

      The Annals of Dublin – a difficult to get hold of book from 1987, for €9.99.

      Suppose this should go into the book section but people only go there from time to time & the sale might be over.
      Also Hogges Figgis have a good deal on ‘The Great Houses of Ireland’ – the coffee table book that graces every drawing room in south Dublin 🙂

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      Paul Clerkin

      Chapter is always worth checking out….

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